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Food Stamps Feed 49% of Children

Photo courtesy of Washington University

Photo courtesy of Washington University

Nearly half of American children will be fed using food stamps at some point in their childhood, according to a new study from George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. “Food stamp use is a clear sign of poverty and food insecurity, two of the most detrimental economic conditions affecting a child’s health,” said Dr. Mark Rank, the study’s author. For more information click here.

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  1. I am very concerned. I am a MSW and a mentor for a child in Florida. For several weeks she mentioned that she didn’t really have food at home and I asked if her family received food stamps. She said yes, but sometimes people will sell their food stamps for money or give it to their friends. In these communities, many people do not have an easy time getting out of poverty because of this “sharing” of wealth hidden rule. How do we help children caught in these circumstances?

  2. That is quite a shocking and discouraging statistic!! Since “food stamp use is a clear sign of povery and food insecurity, 2 of the most detrimental economic conditions affecting a child’s health”, as per Dr. Mark Rank, this needs to become an even higher priority of the profession than it already is.
    Children are obviously dependent on parents and the larger adult society also. With half of the nation’s children’s health potentially compromised by the country’s economic doldurms, this fact needs to be used motivationally by leaders of our financial institutions, healthcare leaders, legislators, moms, dads, you and me, to lift our country’s economy to a level such that this will no longer be true.

    Ernest A. Wahrburg, MSW, LCSW (NC, NY)

  3. Sharing of wealth in depressed areas is the way to survive in poverty. I was raised in the projects in East St. Louis, IL. My mother was a single parent who received welfare once a month. Today, with the downturn in the economy, those in poverty are now facing a decrease in income. If a single mother has a choice to become evicted or sell some food stamps to pay rent , she will sell food stamps to pay rent so that her family will not be homeless. In my opinion, poverty has several ingredients and each ingredient must be considered. I am now a MSW student at SIUE and a caseworker assisting low-income families receive medical and food stamps. I notice while interviewing clients, they have other underlying issues, such as, depression, substance abuse, domestic violence, lack of skills and education. Social programs which will consider all the dynamics of the “whole” family in poverty are needed.

  4. I believe the USA needs to continually assess, revamp, etc. the Healthcare System and Social Services System. As other peers mentioned, this is a tough time for the USA, especially with the current economic downturn.

    This of course is not a solution, but on a brighter note, I’m glad that there are crisis agencies, food banks, churches, etc…..whom extend their arms to help others in need.

  5. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP, is a federally-funded food program cared and provided through each state in the U. S. SNAP is designed to provide assistance to low-income people and households in lending food to the table. It is solid food and beverage specific and other items such as prescriptions, pet food, alcohol, cigarettes and paper goods are not involved in the program. It is easy to apply for the Florida food stamps program by visiting a local social security office or locating it on the internet.:

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