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Vote for the 2016 NASW Media Award Nominees: Documentaries

Here are the nominees for the 2016 National Association of Social Workers Media Awards for Best Documentary. Read about the entries and vote at the bottom of the page. Voting ends April 10:


By Vic Compher, MSW

Many people enter the social work, police and firefighting professions to help others. However, members of these professions can experience vicarious trauma from working with people undergoing distressing situations. Yet social workers and others often do not seek mental health care to address “compassionate fatigue,” which can damage their professional and personal lives. This film by social worker and filmmaker Vic Compher, MSW, looks at this issue and what can be done to address it.


Voices“Voices: A Story about the Human and Untold Stories of Psychosis”

By Gary Tsai

Psychiatrist Gary Tsai’s mother suffered from mental illness. He decided to do a documentary to educate the public about mental illness and give them more empathy concerning families dealing with mental illness. The documentary aired on P

 HumanInvestmentSherrySaturnoHuman Investment

By Sherry Saturno

This film looks at social workers and others who help each people overcome life’s issues, including health issues.

ToughLove2Tough Love

By Stephanie Wang-Breal

This documentary, which aired on PBS, looks at the struggles of parents to regain their children after they have been taken into custody by child protection services. The film follows two families – one in New York City and the other in Seattle. The role of social workers who work with courts to reunite families is shown.


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  1. Human investment film is beautiful, outstanding, excellent, over 5 stars…..

  2. Sherry Saturno’s documentary, Human Investment, taught me the most about the challenges of the social work profession, the joys as well as the pitfalls. And, I was deeply impressed by all the various narratives from the medical, academic, and social work professionals.

  3. I had the distinct pleasure of being taught by Dr. Kim. She is an amazing professor and upholds the NASW Code of Ethics in the most dignified manner. Dr. Kim is dedicated, fair, compassionate, and one of the best social worker’s I have ever been privileged to have met. Good luck Dr. Kim.

  4. Sherry Saturno’s short film was very emotionally piercing and also “Social Work enlightening”. It gave me a lot to think about. And a lot to be proud about. Thank you Sherry …. for confirming our (Social Workers) calling. Kudos to you.

  5. I wish this documentary Human Investment was available a long time ago when I worked as a CHHA in NYC. Since we were required not to get close to the client. I do agree with Dr. Sabir – if you do not know my story, you do not know me. It is important to understand that everyone have a story that shapes them. Great to see professionals are removing the stoic attitudes in a profession that needs to eliminate the emotional sterility. Great to see the humanity being recognized from the professionals for a change. Thank you.


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