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NASW 2013 Media Awards Voting has ended!


Voting Ends March 15!

Voting Ends March 15!

The National Association of Social Workers 2013 Media Awards recognize reporters, bloggers, columnists, television producers, movie directors and other media professionals who help raise awareness about the social work profession and issues important to social workers.

Voting has now ended. More than 1,700 people cast a ballot!

Winners will be announced by the end of Social Work Month.


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  1. i am so encouraged by the assortment of issues covered in these media choices. there needs to be support out there for those overwhelmed by the frightening mainstream attitudes we seem to be surrounded by. Those attitudes have us moving backwards, not forward. A focus on topics like these is so desperately needed. My only hope is that those who NEED to hear and see them…somehow will…and someday find their hearts changing.

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to vote.

  3. SaraKay’s article on social worker burnout speaks to so many professions where burnout is inevitable. She gives a clear and thoughtful presentation that gives invaluable insight into the varied causes of burnout and how to remedy them.

    As usual, SaraKay’s attention to and empathy for her clients are reflected in this finely crafted piece of writing.

  4. SaraKay Smullens’ article on professional burnout is an impressive exposition of a circumstance that may not occur to non-professionals. It is highly illuminating and informative – and extremely well-written, an enviable gift when explaining profesional issues to a non-professional.

    In my own experience, I was vaguely aware that my therapist must have had issues of her own, and thankfully I did realize that she must now and then get mentally exhausted by what she heard week after week. But it did not occur that she of necessity had to find her own ways of dealing with that mental overload while still maintaining a deeply personal interest in my own well-being.

    SaraKay’s overview would be helpful to anyone undergoing therapy and might even help develop an interpersonal relationahip between therapist and patient that could benefit both, without treading on professional ethics.

    In short, I am delighted to be able to recommend this important article to your audience. It is a privilege.

  5. Mark Gaynor is a wonderful social worker-very caring.

  6. Mark Gaynor’s diversified wisdom, empathy and passion for his difficult work is a true gift.

  7. I can only say that I wish I had the opportunity to vote more than one time! I know the work that Mark Gaynor does and have ultimate respect for his ability to help people in their lives.

  8. Mark Gaynor has the ability and the passion for helping each individual he encounters. He listens very well and gives great feedback in a way where all can absorb it. Bravo, Mr. Gaynor.

  9. Great short film.

  10. Jennifer Kogan’s blog is a great read! Congratulations on the nomination, Jen!

  11. I am impressed by SaraKay Smullens’ article for many reasons: her intelligence, her obvious deep compassion for her clients, her bravery in acknowledging that so many social workers come to the field with difficult backgrounds. But perhaps most meaningful is her ability, no doubt gained from many years of treating clients with a wide range of conditions, to see the big picture. That is, she can see past the very real difficulties of the work and suggest important ways practitioners can develop healthy lives that will enable them to not only be personally happy but also more valuable to their clients. She is truly a role model for social workers everywhere.

  12. I am honored to be a nominee, and have always been so proud to be a social worker. Thank you for highlighting our proud, historic, and extraordinary profession and those who feel so privileged to “walk the walk” with our clients and are forever committed to a society that brings hope and promise to all.

  13. Burn-out article was very helpful.

  14. I was sorry to see that Dan Cohen, a NYC geriatric social worker, who develops personalized IPod playlists for the elderly, was not nominated. Not only did he acquit himself extremely well in a NPR interview during prime time on 4/18/12, he also produced a documentary film, Alive Inside, that examines the benefits of this novel approach. While listening to him in the NPR interview, I was proud to be a social worker.
    Craig Boitel, PhD, LISW-S, LCSW

  15. I am so honored to be a nominee. My goal for all the years of working on MyNDTALK has always been to make mental health/wellness a concept that is accessible to all. It is always a special treat to be able to bring a social work peer on the show… I am forever grateful for the depth of knowledge and caring within our social work community.

  16. This site is absolutely WONDERFUL.

  17. This site is absolutely wonderful!

  18. Gary Holden’s website, Information for Practice, stands at the heart of evidence-based practice because it does so much of the work for the empirically-oriented practitioner. One of the best, perhaps THE best, practice/research sites in all the helping professions.

    I strongly recommend this site for all practitioners and faculty.

  19. I know our little radio program down here in Taunton, MA is a long shot up against such accomplished radio hosts such as Bob Oakes, but we were proud to be able to make a local contribution to the effort to debunk many myths about the social work profession.

  20. Thanks for having the opportunity to vote. And I was under the impression voters
    would have been notified via e-mail of result! Somewhat disappointed! Congrats to those that
    were nominated!!!!

  21. Ms. Gilford:

    Thanks for your comments. Voting will continue until March 15. It will take a few weeks to tally ballots — we have received almost 1,000 to date. The results will be posted on Please stay tuned.

    Greg Wright
    Senior Communications and Public Relations Specialist
    National Association of Social Workers

  22. SaraKay Smullens’ article helps bring into the light of legitimate discussion a topic that we therapists often neglect–ourselves. Even though we are researching, writing about and discussing “burnout” I believe those of us who are helping others are hesitant to apply the concept of burnout to ourselves. “Yes”, we think, “it happens. But not to me.” Because SaraKay’s article is so specific, I could recognize my own form of burnout, compassion fatigue. It was helpful to me to read her description of this because the symptoms of it are often so subtle.

  23. I have often wondered how social workers and mental health professionals have the stamina to listen and give much needed feedback to their clients day after day, In this stressful environment it would be helpful to all of them to read SaraKay Smullens enlightening article.

  24. I was hoping to refer back to the complete list of nominees, will that be made available?

  25. Angie:

    Winners should be announced this week.

    Greg Wright
    Senior Communications and Public Relations Specialist

  26. Is there anyway to get a list of the nominees? There were several that I wanted to check out, regardless if they are winners or not.


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