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Spanish Speakers Needed!

Denise Baxindine

Denise Baxindine

The number of Spanish speakers in Texas is rising but there are not enough social workers you speak the language to meet their needs, according to a Daily Texan article. Denise Baxindine, a graduate student at the University of Texas, explained why she became fluent in Spanish. “It’s ensuring that everyone has access to the resources and information necessary to live safely and successfully in our society,” she said. Photo of Denise Baxindine courtesy of Rachel Taylor/The Daily Texan.

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  1. I live in Brownsville, Brooklyn and as a former family worker at a Head Start program, I noticed that there were few staff members who spoke fluent Spanish, although the community has a large Spanish-speaking population. I think it is very important for Spanish speakers to have equal access to community resources. Language presents a tremendous barrier and can make the difference between a family obtaining preventive services in a timely fashion, or languishing in poverty and despair due to an inablitiy to communicate their needs.

  2. I live in San Angelo, TX and I can’t stress enough how important it is to have Spanish speaking staff. There is also a large Spanish speaking population here but not enough Social Worker, Counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrist who speak Spanish. In most of the agencies that I have worked at I have been the Social Worker and translator to the point that some of the staff would forget which was my role, although I don’t differentiate one from the other. It is so important for a Spanish speaking family to feel that they can communicate their needs and understand what is required of them.

  3. I worked 30 years in Santa Clara County as a Social Worker in Social Services and in Mental Health. I am ffuent in Spanish and I am willing to work part-time somewhere. Please e-mail me and let me know about employment.

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