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South Carolina Man Charged with Impersonating Social Worker

Mitchell Smith. Photo courtesy of The State.

Columbia, S.C. resident Mitchell Smith, 45, has been charged with impersonating a social worker and failing to provide adequate medical care to at least one of seven vulnerable adults in his care, according to this article in The State.

Mitchell allegedly jammed disabled veterans into a filthy home without electricity or running water. At least one man in his care had an oozing wound on his leg, according to this article. Another report said this man may have to have the limb amputated.

It is unclear how Smith was put in charge of adults in his care or how much money he received. Smith told the judge he had a master’s degree in social work but is not a social worker.

This Sacramento Bee article said Smith would troll through Veterans Administration facilities to find potential clients.

Smith’s ex-wife, who did not wish to be identified, said he was merely a disabled veteran who wanted to help others. “Mitch has a huge heart. He’s a great heart. This is really unfortunate,” she said.

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