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Social Worker, Homeless Advocate At Odds with City

Josh Spring. Photo courtesy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

No one said being a social worker is easy. Just ask Josh Spring, executive director of the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless.

According to this profile in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Spring’s sometimes militant advocacy for the homeless is not earning him much love from either the city or the Cincinnati Center City Development Corp. 

Springs has been booed at meetings and criticized for being inflammatory.

“Homelessness is inflammatory,” he responded. “I am supposed to make people uncomfortable. I don’t want us as a community to be comfortable with homelessness, but that is what has happened.”

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  1. Josh is an inspiration me and to other young aspiring social workers in Cincinnati. it is amazing to see someone so young doing so many great things, and fighting for what he believes in.

  2. Josh is an idiot instead of helping the homeless he’s making it into a joke to massage his own ego.

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