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Social Worker claims she was fired for reporting Mariah Carey’s drinking

Singer Mariah Carey, husband Nick Cannon, and their twins. Photo courtesy of Bossip.

California social worker Mela Ferrer claims a hospital fired her because she reported pop singer Mariah Carey drank alcohol and took medication while nursing her newborn twins, according to this article on Bossip.

Carey delivered the twins prematurely at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center on April 30, 2011.

Ferrer, MSW, reported the alleged alcohol and medication consumption to the Department of Child and Family Services on May 10 and the department investigated Carey and her husband, celebrity Nick Cannon.

Ferrer claims in a lawsuit against the hospital that she reported he alleged incident because she is a mandatory reporter.

“Some (sic) the medications the celebrity mother was taking were not recommended and/or were contraindicated for use by nursing mothers and/or in combination with alcohol,” Ferrer’s complaint said

Carey and Cannon told entertainment news outlets that hospital staff encouraged the new mother to drink Guinness to promote lactation.

Ferrer, 68, who worked at the hospital as a temporary assignment, claims hospital staff told her to cover up the alleged incident because it would discourage other celebrities from using the facility.

The hospital fired Ferrer on May 12 for not following proper protocol.

Carey is primarily a singer but has done some acting roles, including playing social worker Mrs. Weiss in the 2009 film “Precious.”

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