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News Items – September 9, 2015

Trans_Pride_FlagsqPatricia Jordan is a member:
[Video] Male, female, other: Raising transgender awareness
WBNG (Binghamton, NY)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Patricia Jordan said there are lesser known, rarely used pronouns other than the typical ones: his, hers, she, he. “It’s totally geared toward identifying a person as male or female,” said Jordan. “They do have other words. I’m not seeing people use them. ‘Zee’ is one word instead of ‘she.’ But that doesn’t happen too often.” When former Olympian Bruce Jenner transformed into Caitlyn Jenner, discussions surrounding gender identity spiked. “Caitlyn has the money, she has the publicity, she has the support,” said Jordan. “If the average transgender person wants to completely transition, it’s very difficult.”

Monica Guidry is a member:
Nine: The right age to teach children the dangers of alcohol
Do not wait for a child to reach their teenage years to teach them the dangers of alcohol and binge drinking.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents and pediatricians should discuss the effects of alcohol to a child as young as nine. The report said that 36 percent to 50 percent of high school students drink alcohol and that 28 percent to 60 percent of these kids have participated in binge drinking, at least once in 30 days. “The best option is not to wait, because by the time you feel comfortable in having that discussion, your child is way past getting information from his parents,” said Monica Guidry, a licensed clinical social worker.

Heather Kindschy is a member:
A plan working its way through Congress could change things for ‘invisible’ homeless students
Before anything else can be done to help homeless students, first they have to be seen, said, Heather Kindschy, a social worker for the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights in New Orleans, who said that some schools aren’t complying with The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act of 2001, which requires schools have a homeless liaison and provide transportation for homeless students. She said she’s worried that data on homeless students could be inaccurate as a result. The way to properly account for students is to have them self-report at the beginning of the school year and another round is completed in the middle of the year because the data changes quickly.

In some primary care offices: The social worker will see you now
CT Mirror
Until recently, when Dr. Stephen Kaye thought one of his primary care patients could use mental health help, he’d refer them to a therapist. But the odds that the patient would go weren’t good.… That changed in March, when the office added a social worker, Janine Fonfara, to its staff. Now if Kaye thinks a patient could use assistance, he walks down the hall and asks Fonfara to come to the exam room. She introduces herself to the patient and offers to work with them, usually three or four sessions. Nearly all take her up on it. “A lot of these people never would’ve gotten to a counselor if we didn’t have this system,” Kaye said. He called it “probably the most positive innovation I’ve seen” in 40 years of medical practice.

Law, social work students tackle Freddie Gray course
The Baltimore Sun
Greenberger said he put together the course, which is open to law students and social work students, at the behest of law school Dean Donald Tobin. The University of Baltimore course, which is open to the public and streamed online, also features guest speakers. Undergraduate and graduate students who are taking the course for credit break off into groups for discussions with faculty, and will do academic research on some of the topics discussed.

Michele Weiner-Davis is a member:
An interview with Michele Weiner-Davis on the topic of marriage
Michele Weiner-Davis is an internationally renowned clinical social worker and relationship therapist, best-selling author, marriage educator, sought-after speaker and self-proclaimed “psychotic optimist” about saving marriages. Her TEDx Talk on “The Sex-Starved Marriage” has received nearly one million views. Michele’s work has been featured on countless national media outlets. She has made numerous television appearances on shows including 48 Hours, 20/20, The Today Show, and Oprah.

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