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News Items – September 21, 2012

We Should All Hug a Social Worker
Huffington Post
As the keynote speaker for the conference, I had invited some of the attending social workers and law enforcement officials on stage, and asked a simple question: why do you do, what you do for others? When it was Kimberly’s turn to take to the podium, her voice started to tremble, and she almost broke down in tears. However it was the emotion of joy as she described it as an honor for her to spend a portion of her own salary on “her children.”

Romney vs. Reality: A Social Worker’s Perspective
Patheos (blog)
As a social worker and faith-rooted community organizer I have to say that this 47 percent is a myth. Due to arbitrary sanctions, agency errors, onerous application requirements, long waits to apply for services, failed communication systems, arduous work requirements  and punishment within the welfare system low-income people are not receiving much needed services (Guilty Until Proven Innocent Report 2012 FPWA). The myth that welfare and government assistance is easy to obtain and maintain has been pervasive since the 1980’s “welfare queen” character was created by President Ronald Reagan.

Brene Brown’s campaign against snark
Brene Brown is an unlikely champion of vulnerability. She is a down-to-earth Texan whose family motto is “lock and load,” a research professor and an admitted enthusiastic fan of data. She doesn’t speak in touchy-feely axioms; instead she quotes Whitesnake.

Counselor offers insights into finding peace after war
Charleston Gazette
At 70 years of age and with a new part-time practice in West Virginia’s capital city, there are many places you could find a tale to tell in the long career of licensed clinical social worker Richard Vincent. But instead of focusing on the varied jobs he has held here and elsewhere in America, first as a Marine, police officer and teacher, then as a longtime counselor, let’s pick up the thread of the tale that took him out of the country in 2005.

Wanda Jean Rohl
NBC Chicago (blog)
She is now a licensed social worker and a certified drug and alcohol counselor and currently works at a hospice that helps dying patients and their families. Rohl has no former political experience but believes her life experiences will prove sufficient in qualifying her for a seat in Congress. She has no political agenda aside from looking to better the lives of citizens through improvements in healthcare and government services for the sick and needy.

Bethesda Social Worker Honored For Adoption Work
Bethesda Now
A Bethesda social worker who helps match area teenagers with prospective adoptive parents received a Congressional honor last week. Beverly Clarke, director of the Barker Foundation’s “Project Wait No Longer,” attended the Angels in Adoption gala last Wednesday after being selected for the honor by Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D).

CSCC students trained in fight against abuse
Cleveland Daily Banner
Social work and early childhood education majors attended the training, which consisted of video segments and processing the information through a workbook and discussion. The Athens Federal grant covered the cost of the workbooks for the students.

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