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News Items – September 2, 2015

Jennifer Bennett is a member:
[Video] The Avon Senior Center
Nutmeg TV
The Link interviews Jennifer Bennett, LMSW, and Avon Senior Center Coordinator, about services at the Senior Center.

Leslie Dinkins is a member:
Women are using social media as a megaphone to confront nightlife’s rape problem
“Our justice system hinges on victims having to prove they are victims,” said Leslie Dinkins, a clinical social worker who has worked with domestic abusers and victims in Atlanta for more than a decade. … Perhaps the reason why we expect so much from victims is because of our own fears, posited Dinkins. She called this the “delusion of safety,” a term originating from Gavin de Becker, author of The Gift of Fear and a leading expert on violent behavior. “If we don’t blame victims, we have to acknowledge that there are more abusers than we want to believe there are,” Dinkins said. “We don’t want to believe victims because we don’t want to believe that we’ve been duped—or that we are unsafe.”

Robert Weiss is a member:
The psychological reason Kim Kardashian is so popular despite being America’s ‘most disliked’ star
Tech Insider
Robert Weiss, a social worker and sex therapist at Elements Behavioral Health who specializes in media and intimacy in the digital age, tells us there’s one simple reason: it just doesn’t matter whether we like celebrities or hate them — we use A-listers to help us relate to each other and make sense of society. “In all of our very human and understandable needs to feel important and connected, we seek out bigger-than-life figures around us to whom we can connect,” he explains, saying stars like Kardashian West and Beyoncé fill roles as “cultural touchpoints” — much like kings, queens, and emperors filled those roles in the past.

[Video] Virginia shooting prompts questions about repeal of handgun waiting period
After the shooting deaths of two WDBJ-TV journalists Wednesday, some are questioning the June removal of Wisconsin’s former 48-hour waiting period for those wanting to buy a handgun. “They can obviously do background checks quicker. But there’s the waiting period,” National Association of Social Workers Executive Director Marc Herstand said. “That’s critical in terms of suicide. In terms of domestic violence. And other things too. Someone could get fired from a job, go to the gun store, and then take it back to the agency.”

Alberto Godenzi is a member:
Boston College School of Social Work Dean Alberto Godenzi to step down in 2016
Boston College
Boston College School of Social Work Dean Alberto Godenzi, whose 14 years of leadership helped transform the school by improving its academic reputation, research output, quality of faculty and responsiveness to critical societal needs, has announced that he will step down at the end of the 2015-2016 academic year. Godenzi has agreed, at the University’s request, to then assist in the development of Boston College’s next strategic plan by reviewing current international engagements and relationships and then preparing recommendations for enhancing the global connections and impact of Boston College.

Jennifer Hill is a member:
Katrina, 10 years later: Evacuees who stayed in West Virginia look back
West Virginia Gazette-Mail
Jennifer Hill remembers her first glimpse of West Virginia. It was early on a Sunday, Sept. 4, 2005, to be exact, and she was riding with her mother from Tri-State Airport to Cabell Huntington Hospital. … Hill had left college 20 years ago, after her mother’s aneurysm, and never gone back. She enrolled at Marshall University and graduated in 2008, with a degree in social work. She’s been a social worker at the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia for seven years, working with kids in foster families and emergency shelters.

Ric Reamer is a member:
Important role of social workers
Toledo Blade
“Social work is the one helping profession whose revered code of ethics is clear about its moral mission to empower clients and address both private troubles and public issues, particularly for those who are the least advantaged,” writes Frederic G. Reamer, Ph.D., in the latest edition of Social Work Today. In fact, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) reports these professionals are recognized by the National Institutes of Health and federal law as one of five core providers of services to individuals, families and communities.

Scores of Mass. children mistreated in foster homes
The Boston Globe
The child advocate handles that role while undertaking investigations into abuse cases and promoting better policies to protect children, said Carol J. Trust, executive director of the state chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. “They are the spokespeople and the neutral stewards of what’s going in child welfare,” said Trust, who is a member of the committee that is nominating the new child advocate. “It’s a voice of independence and objectivity to combat the hysteria.”

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