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News Items – October 25, 2017



Dennis McNamara is a member:
State: Woman wasn’t insane; had drug-induced psychosis
Mail Tribune (Medford, OR)
Soon after the stabbing, Dennis McNamara, a licensed clinical social worker with Jackson County Mental Health, visited Everman in jail. He said at that time she was unable to aid in her own defense, and suffered from a serious mental disorder. “While in jail she remained in separation due to her being uncooperative, assaultive with deputies, unpredictable, and not eating,” McNamara wrote in a letter to Everman’s defense attorney. “She spends a good deal of her time standing at her door blankly staring out.”

Kimberly Jung is a member:
Why psychological horror movies can help soothe anxiety and increase mental health
Syfy Wire
“It is believed that nightmares, flashbacks and intrusive thoughts are the body’s attempt to process the memory,” said Kimberly Jung, a licensed clinical social worker, who has 13 years of experience at the VA and specializes in treating traumas. “They are not there to simply torment the person. They are trying to establish the link to the dysfunctional memory so that it can be processed.”

Jim Struve is a member:
Commentary: Boys and men are also victims of abuse
Salt Lake Tribune
Jim Struve, LCSW, is manager of Weekends of Recovery and has been a therapist and a social justice advocate for male survivors of sexual trauma for 41 years. “Reporting about issues of sexual assault must include all victims, not just women and girls. Additionally, all boys, girls, men and women of certain populations are more at risk for assault and less likely to be able to report, be believed, and provide evidence. The elderly, differently abled, hearing and visually impaired, sexual and/or gender diverse individuals, homeless, undocumented, etc. are viewed by perpetrators as more easily overpowered and less likely to report.”

Rachel Goldsmith is a member:
Oh Good: The Majority of Americans Now Say Sexual Harassment Is A Big Problem
As Rachel Goldsmith, LCSW-R, an associate vice president for the Domestic Violence Shelter Programs at Safe Horizon told Refinery29, people who experience harassment or abuse deal with those feelings in different ways. Some may find a social media demonstration like #MeToo cathartic, while others prefer reflect behind the scenes. Per the Post-ABC poll, a less-visible response doesn’t mean no response is happening.

Sherry Amatenstein is a member:
I’m a therapist. Here’s the line I draw when treating men with unhealthy sexual habits.
Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW, is a therapist based in New York City. “Regardless of the validity of sex addiction or how badly a patient wants to get better, mental health is not an excuse to sexually assault and shame and coerce victims into silence. Settlements bound by nondisclosure agreements muzzle the victim. Our criminal justice system is intimidating at best and often further victimizes people who have already endured so much. This all contributes to a culture of complicity.”

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