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News Items – October 14, 2020

news items logo oneAllan Barsky is a member:
Ethics Alive! Elections in Light of Social Work Values
The New Social Worker
Together, these standards suggest not only that social workers should vote for candidates who support social justice, but that they should also support candidates and groups who promote each of these elements of social justice. The code does not dictate which party or which individuals to support. As social workers, we need to use our own analysis, critical thinking, and decision-making to determine whom to support and how.

Julie Berrett-Abebe is a member:
[Video] Tackling bad news together as a family
Mass Appeal
Getting a serious health diagnosis like cancer is difficult enough for adults to handle. How and what information should you share with your children? There are strategies that can help bring your family together for support. Cancer Survivorship 101 is an online lecture series from Survivor Journeys. Julie Berrett-Abebe, PhD, LICSW shares a preview of her talk on Parenting with Cancer. You can access Dr. Berrett-Abebe’s full video lecture at Visit the website to see the whole presentation and check out past months’ lectures too.

Dan Sneider-Cotter is a member:
The Topic You Should Bring Up With Your Partner Sooner Than You Think
The discussion of if and when to have children is one of the most important talks you’ll have with your significant other, and you should probably have it sooner than you think. Whether you plan to have kids now, in 10 years, or never, you need to make sure you’re on the same page with your partner…. It’s important to avoid completely springing a conversation of such gravity on your partner, Dan Sneider-Cotter, LCSW, says. “The best time to have any conversation with your partner is when they know what is coming and have time to mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare,” he suggests.

Rachel Baker is a member:
Taking good care of yourself: What is self-care, what it isn’t, and why now?
The Spokesman-Review
For you, is it a bubble bath or a walk in the park? Sudoku or poetry? Music or a novel? A sports match or goofy movie? Depending on what refuels you, it could be some or none of the above. Perhaps gardening centers you. “I think of self-care activities as things that we do to charge our batteries, and then the other side of that is also the things we don’t do in order to preserve our energy – the boundaries we set like I won’t answer email for work on the weekends,” said Rachel Baker, a Spokane clinical social worker who counsels people regarding anxiety.

Marioli Sterling is a member:
Marioli Sterling explains how social workers support their clients through COVID-19 lockdown
AZ Big Media
As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, people are more in need of help than ever before. The impact on our collective well-being has been made clear, which makes the presence of social workers in society extremely vital. Social workers like Marioli Sterling have witnessed firsthand how the pandemic has affected the mental health of their existing clients. Sterling is a social worker that works with families in New York City. She provides her insight into the various ways that social workers in the U.S. are continuing to help their clients, through innovations like telehealth and virtual sessions.

Donyel Byrd is a member:
Activists want to defund police departments. What could that look like in Bloomington?
IDS News
Donyel Byrd, a Bloomington social worker, mentioned the same issue with getting people to call a non-911 number. She suggested training 911 dispatchers in alternative crisis response so police are not sent out to calls that don’t require a police presence. This would include situations such as a drug emergency where an ambulance alone is more appropriate.

Erica Woodland is a member:
People of color create their own mental health services online
“There’s a long history of building out ecosystems of care in our communities,” said Erica Woodland, the founder and executive director of the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network. That makes sense: Racial and ethnic minorities, studies have shown, respond well to mental health professionals who are culturally relevant and understanding of their experiences.

Bullying Must Be Stopped
The Brunswick News
First, let’s define bullying. Bullying comes in many forms and can range from verbal (teasing, taunting, name-calling) to physical abuse (kicking, hitting, shoving, destroying property) and can also include the nonphysical (threatening or obscene gestures) behavior. I believe the National Association of Social Workers has compiled the most relevant research regarding tips for parents and teens. These tips encourage parents to be aware if their child is being bullied or if their child is a bully. I am amazed at the number of parents who had no idea their son or daughter was a bully and become distraught when they were so informed.

Lateisha Golub is a member:
4 ways to practice mindfulness
Good Things Utah
Mindfulness is important at any stage of life, but perhaps in 2020 more than ever. Licensed Clinical Social Worker Lateisha Golub of Wide Mind Wellness, LLC shared four ways to practice acceptance for mindfulness: Label the experience; Become aware of your body and relax; Know what you can and cannot control; Live in the present moment.

Brie Pierquet is a member:
Fight election season burnout with these mental health tips
Popular Science
When you’re faced with a seemingly never-ending bombardment of political news every day, you may feel helpless and uncertain about whether it’s even possible to make a difference. This, in turn, results in heightened levels of stress and anxiety, according to Brie Pierquet, a clinical social worker and therapist. You can counteract that by making an impact within your community. Step away from the election vortex and volunteer for a cause you believe in, like a food pantry, nursing home, animal shelter, or environmental group.

Sonja Bohannon-Thacker is a member:
Cabarrus Health Alliance WIC Department and Clinic staff member receive awards
Cabarrus Health Alliance’s (CHA) Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Department and Sonja Bohannon-Thacker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, both received awards last week for their impact on clients and contributions made to their respective fields of work…. On October 8, Bohannon-Thacker received the 2020 North Carolina Public Health Association, Outstanding Contributions to Social Work in Public Health Award at the virtual North Carolina Public Health Association Fall Educational Conference.

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