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News Items – November 16, 2012

ASU faculty associate Kyrsten Sinema officially wins congressional seat
Downtown Devil
ASU faculty associate and Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema officially won the Congressional seat for District 9 Monday, defeating Republican Vernon Parker after leading the race by a small  margin since election night. Sinema is a faculty associate at the School of Social Work and currently teaches a graduate-level class, Developing Grants and Fundraising. She has previously taught undergraduate courses in justice studies and social work.

Culture of sacrifice: Homeless veterans not forgotten in SA
And while veterans and social workers alike agree that there’s still a huge demand for affordable housing, services for women vets and employers who will hire veterans, one thing is for sure: Whether they know it or not, all vets have somebody who won’t give up on them.

Video: A day in the life of social workers
Denver Post
Every day at 9 a.m., RED (for read, evaluate and decide ) Team No. 1 gathers in a room where tables are arranged in a U-shape, directing all eyes toward a wall-mounted whiteboard. There, social workers review their share of calls that have come in to the county’s child abuse hotline and decide which reports of suspected maltreatment should be investigated – and which don’t.

DFCS Engages Community to Address Child Safety Concerns
The Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS), Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) continues to implement measures to protect Georgia’s most precious asset – children. To further support its efforts, DFCS announced today that it is publishing child death data on a quarterly basis to ignite conversations and spur communities to action across Georgia.

Child-abuse reduction efforts flawed
Durango Herald
Many of Colorado’s child-abuse workers are inexperienced and overwhelmed and, at times, fail to take basic steps to protect children: interviewing parents, properly assessing a dangerous home or checking a child’s body for obvious signs of abuse, a Denver Post analysis of state data found.

Helping Veterans Back Home
Portland Observer
Clinical social worker Carol Levine couldn’t bear to watch the number of veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan without receiving the medical help they needed. It reminded her of Vietnam. So she took action. In 2005, Levine opened the non-profit to holistically welcome veterans back home.

Report: IL teachers, social workers unprepared for LGBTQ issues
Windy City Times
Forty percent, or twenty-four of the state’s sixty teacher education preparation programs, received a failing grade of F. Thirty-two percent, or seven of the state’s twenty-two social worker preparation programs, received a D or an F.

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