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News Items – May 13, 2014

The Next Step To Reinvest In Social Work
Social Justice Solutions
Social work is a fast growing field, estimated to have a 20% growth rate in the next 10 years, and this profession will see a change in how we do business. The high need for social work is bittersweet. Ideally, we would put ourselves out of a job, but instead we are seeing an increased need for professionals in the mental health field. We need these providers to be at the forefront of change; working in prevention, intervention, and long term needs. We need social workers.

Social workers meet to discuss health law
Quad-City Times
Pam Long, the interim director of the SAU School of Social Work, said this is the second time the event has aimed its social justice eye at the Affordable Care Act, the first time being in 2010. Last year, the topic was high incarceration rates among minorities.

northeaster state university[Video] NSU-Tahlequah Gets Grant To Graduate Child Welfare Workers
Northeastern State University in Tahlequah has received a grant to help put more child welfare workers in Oklahoma. The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute is giving NSU $735,000 to use during the next five years. The school says the timing couldn’t be better. The Department of Human Services has already hired 600 new case workers and supervisors as part of a plan to re-structure its operations, and they say more workers will most likely be needed in the future.

Scheyett: Military members deserve more than ‘thank you’
The State
The brave men and women who serve our country deserve our support, and a heartfelt “thank you for your service” from each of us. We can never forget what they have sacrificed for our freedom, and I am proud that South Carolina has a well-earned reputation for supporting its military members. But as a social worker, I know that while our gratitude is important, it is not enough. Members of the military and their families face numerous stresses before, during and after deployment. The emotional toll of being in the military, and being in a military family, can be high.

A ‘pinnacle moment’ for NC Central University’s biggest graduating class
In her first commencement remarks since becoming chancellor last year, Debra Saunders-White singled out two students for their successes. Daniel Ball, receiving a bachelor’s degree in social work, grew up in foster care in coastal North Carolina. He battled homelessness and substance abuse as a young adult before winding up in prison. When he was released, he headed straight for community college and is now on his way to UNC-Chapel Hill for a master’s degree in social work.

Social Work Student at Penn Helps in West Philadelphia and Overseas
Penn News
Some University of Pennsylvania students are determined to change the world, while others set their sights closer to home by focusing on improving their local communities. Kristen Smith, a social work student at the School of Social Policy & Practice, wants to do it all. Smith, who is from Wilmington, Del., has been an active member of QSP2, a group representing gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning social work students, and a volunteer with SP2 Community Teamworks for the past year. In addition, she has served as one of the social work interns at the Sayre Health Center, a community clinic in West Philadelphia.

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