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News Items – March 8, 2012

Book Review: “If Only” By Carole Geithner
Geithner, a GW professor and the wife of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, drew on personal experience in her first novel.

Acting Governor Tenorio Recognizes Social Workers, Citizens with Disabilities and Government Accountants
Pacific News Center
“It is important that we acknowledge these people and applaud the work they do. From the social workers who ensure vulnerable members of our community reach their maximum potential, and to the disabled citizens who work to effectively diminish stereotypes against them,” said acting Governor Tenorio.

March recognized as ‘Social Work Month’
Daily Democrat
Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, chairwoman of the Assembly Aging and Long-Term Care Committee and herself a professional social worker, introduced House Resolution (HR) 24 establishing March as Social Work Month in California. The nation recognizes social workers each March and the theme this year is “Social Work Matters.”

Girl said dad choked her during supervised visit
During a visit supervised by a social worker, a Miami-Dade man was accused of choking his 4-year-old daughter. He already had lost custody of the girl amid molestation allegations.

Bill requires licensed social workers
Lexington Herald Leader
Originally, Westrom had proposed that every front-line social worker have a degree in social work. Westrom said before the House vote Monday that there was not enough money to pay for state employees to receive degrees in social work.

Parents Brace For Change In The Lives Of Their Disabled Children
WAMU Radio
By: Sabri Ben-Achour // March 2, 2012: But all this will go away within three years as Virginia implements a settlement with the Department of Justice. The idea is to take people out of institutions, and put them in community-based settings where some might have more freedom and be socialized into mainstream society. That could mean living in their own home, group homes, or at a home with live-in staff, or any number of other options. This plan has parents, some of them senior citizens, worried their children won’t get the same level of care as they do now.

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