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News Items – March 25, 2014

Good legal representation crucial
John Dauer is a licensed clinical social worker. He wants to see a revamped system that weeds out public defenders looking for “easy money.” ‘I am a social worker who knows the concern in human terms of the people I try to help. First of all, there is a general belief among those who cannot afford a lawyer that usually a court-appointed lawyer does not give the time or the effort to present a thorough and proper defense. There have been too many families that are frustrated that their lawyer “just does not care.”’

Alum named first deaf superintendent of Missouri School for the Deaf
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has selected University of Arkansas at Little Rock alumnus Ernest Garrett III to head the Missouri School for the Deaf.

Study: Charlotte’s apartments for homeless save money
The Charlotte Observer
The idea of building apartments to house Charlotte’s most troubled homeless men and women – including those with addictions and mental disabilities – was controversial, if not ridiculed, when first proposed by the Urban Ministry Center in 2009. But a first-year impact report scheduled to be released Monday by UNC Charlotte shows the homeless apartment complex known as Moore Place has succeeded in fulfilling its many promises to the community, particularly in saving tax dollars.

Region’s child-protection team lacks power, support
Hampton Roads Pilot
State law has always limited the way the Hampton Roads Child Fatality Review Team operates. It cannot subpoena people involved in cases, nor hand down directives based on its findings. Its funding is meager, its recommendations go unnoticed by lawmakers, and its control over social services departments is negligible. Members measure successes in small victories – a public awareness video produced by volunteers, training sessions with social workers.

Social Work Month:

Staff members recognized during National Social Work Month
The Daily Republican
Caritas Family Solutions staff members were recognized for their hard work during a staff meeting last Friday, March 14. Caritas Family Solutions is a licensed child welfare and family service agency, which meets the social and emotional needs of persons of all background throughout southern Ill. It was formerly Christian Social Services of Illinois. Since March is National Social Work Month, several Regional Advisory Council members showed their support for the staff members at the meeting.

Montgomery County Commissioners proclaim March social services month
The Times Herald (Norristown, PA)
The Montgomery County commissioners recognized the social workers in the county by voting to pass a proclamation making March social work month. “Each year in the month of March we recognize and support the efforts of thousands of social workers across Montgomery County who support our residents,” said Laurie O’Conner, director of the Office of Children and Youth in Montgomery County.

Recognizing the Key Role of Social Workers
National Alliance on Mental Illness
By Angelo McClain, Ph.D., LICSW— March is National Social Work Month and social workers across the U.S. are celebrating this year with the theme “All People Matter.”

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