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News Items – June 6, 2018

Judi Pregot is a member:
Celebrating Cancer Survival
Cape Cod News
“This is a wonderful way for cancer survivors to celebrate their journey and recognize the strength that they have as survivors,” said Judi Pregot, LICSW, radiation oncology social worker at the Davenport-Mugar Cancer Center at Cape Cod Hospital. “I think going through your treatment and celebrating your survival with others who share a commonality, is a wonderful way to celebrate their victory. This special event is a way for the hospital and the cancer center to give back to our patients and to show how much we care.”



Julia Colangelo is a member:
How To Live In The Moment & Be Happy If You’re Always Thinking 1 Step Ahead
Elite Daily
So, what is it that actually makes it so freakin’ difficult to just be here now? At least for a minute or two? Well, as therapist Julia Colangelo, LCSW, explains to me, the present moment is often the most painful to be within, because it can be a little scary. She says, “the past and future are both areas where people can (falsely) feel in control,” she says, “but the present moment, where they have a say, is often overlooked.”

Danielle Phillips is a member:
Hale Makua Hires New Social Services Director
Maui Now
Danielle Phillips, LSW, has been hired as Director of Social Services for Hale Makua Health Services’ two skilled and intermediate nursing homes, rehab centers and Adult Day Health center.… Phillips holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Hawai’i Mānoa and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Georgia. She is a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Hawai’i, and is the Chair for Continuing Education Committee for the National Association of Social Workers Board of Directors, Hawai’i Chapter. In addition, Phillips serves as the Board President for Kansha Intergenerational Preschool & Nisei Veterans Center.

Andrew Laue is a member:
MT social workers, case managers rallying to protect clients
KPAX (Missoula, MT)
The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services saw a budget cut of more than $200 million last year resulting in people losing their jobs and clients suffering from a loss of services — particularly to mental health care. Social workers and case managers have been mobilizing to protect their profession, and advocate for the well-being of some of the most vulnerable people in Montana. “Like one-in-five people in our state are impacted by mental illness, and these cuts are going to cut deep into all our pocketbooks, whether we know mentally ill people or not,” said private practitioner and social workers organizer Andrew Laue, L.C.S.W.

Jacki Stevens is a member:
Woman Shot Dead by Fullerton PD After Stabbing Therapist
OC Weekly (CA)
A therapist’s office in Fullerton became the scene of a deadly police shooting yesterday morning. Around 7:34 a.m., Fullerton police received the first of two 9-1-1 calls alerting them to a woman armed with a knife. The second came from a therapist who told dispatchers that a patient had just stabbed her.… Another patient identified the therapist as Jacki Stevens, a licensed clinical social worker, to KNBC-TV Channel 4 news reporter Vikki Vargas. The deceased suspect has yet to be identified by the Orange County Coroner’s office.

Marty Lamb is a member:
Across NC, Professionals Treat Hoarding as a Distinct, Potentially Deadly Disorder
North Carolina Health News
“Denial of the problem can interfere with someone’s life,” Marty Lamb, a Raleigh licensed clinical social worker, said at a meeting this month of the North Carolina Partnership to Address Adult Abuse annual conference. Increasing attention and more nuanced treatment for hoarding have taken place since its listing for the first time in 2013 as a separate disorder in the closely watched Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders produced by the American Psychiatric Association.

Anthony Decorte is a member:
Men with depression may exhibit anger, avoid seeking help
Las Cruces Sun News
“Men are really resistant to therapy,” said Anthony Decorte, licensed clinical social worker with Counseling Las Cruces. “They think they can handle it on their own; many times they can’t. When I see them, it’s generally at the crisis level, and they’re really, really depressed. They don’t necessarily seek out mental health as much as women would.” At issue, Decorte said, is that men often view seeking professional behavioral health help as a sign of weakness, even though it’s not. And sometimes when they do seek out counseling, they’ll only attend one or two sessions and then drop out. He encouraged men to challenge that inclination.


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