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News Items – June 30, 2011

Pitt School of Social Work Dean Emeritus David E. Epperson Dies
University of Pittsburgh News
David E. Epperson,dean emeritus and professor emeritus in the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work, who led the school to national prominence during his 29-year tenure, died of an apparent sudden cardiac arrest June 20. He was 76.

100 Things to Do This Summer
Chicago Parent
“For lots of kids, summer is just an extension of their structured, school-year routines. And that means that they are missing out on some of the opportunities that the summer break has to offer,” says Anne Byrne, a licensed clinical social worker in private practice and a counselor at St. Clements and the Alphonsus Academy and Center for the Arts in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.

Nancy Mariano, Regional Director of Friends of Karen
We have a part time English speaking social worker and a full time bilingual social worker. You can imagine the family that is going through the horrors of just being diagnosed with a life threatening illness and then they can’t speak to anyone in their native language.

Behind the Career: Finding her place in the nonprofit world
The Washington Post
Eventually, after social service experience in the public and private sectors, she decided the nonprofit world was where she belonged. Now she is leading an organization that serves her life’s passion: helping disadvantaged families.

Emotional scars left by tornadoes could linger; American Red Cross providing
Those who lived through the devastation of their homes and neighborhoods may just now be dealing with the accumulated stresses of their tornado-related experiences, says Dorothy A. Brier, a licensed clinical social worker who has been volunteering her services here in Western Massachusetts since June 11.

LPC? LMFT? LCSW? Making sense of some family therapy options
News Record and Sentinel
LCSW stands for Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Again, you will need to inquire as to their specific training matches your needs.

Improving Client Relationship Skills Gaining Priority For Wealth
Registered Rep.
A licensed clinical social worker, Shunk works with individual advisors on developing listening and empathy skills. “Empathy is about entering the emotional world of the client,” he explained.

Are we so worn out from life that we’ve forgotten how to be kind
Palm Beach Post
That brings us to Linda Lipshutz, the licensed clinical social worker who practices in Palm Beach Gardens and agreed to discuss our nation’s collective mental health in the name of freelance journalism.

A counselor and a scholar
UMN News
Six years later, she has bachelor’s degrees in child psychology and American Indian studies, and this spring she completed her master’s degree in social work. By doing so, she became the first Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Scholar to earn a degree with help from the scholarship program begun three years ago.

Creator of Comedy Central’s ‘Ugly Americans’ is sitting pretty
Kansas City Star
The show follows Department of Integration social worker Mark Lilly (voiced by Matt Oberg) and his creature cohorts as they help new citizens – both human and others – adapt to life in the Big Apple.

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