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News Items – June 14, 2017



Kathy Payares is a member:
Mental health battle may be hardest for some a year after Pulse shootings, experts say
In the year since the shooting at Pulse, stories of surgeons, nurses and physical therapists who worked to save lives have been circulated. But one challenging part of recovery that is often forgotten is the mental battle, experts said. “The psychological component takes a very big toll on people. It can start off very minimal, and it actually as time passes can get very intense,” said Kathy Payares, licensed clinical social worker at Florida Hospital.

Nancy Smyth is a member:
How to talk with your child about the recent terror attacks
WKBW (Buffalo, NY)
Two terrorist attacks in one month overseas is a lot for anyone to take in, let alone a child. With extensive media coverage of these attacks, parents may find discussing these types of trauma with their children is unavoidable. So how can you help your child address, heal and cope with tough emotions around these types of events? It’s not an easy conversation, but Dean Nancy Smyth from the University at Buffalo’s School of Social Work says it’s a good idea to check in. Even teens and those in their twenties can use a check-in, even if it’s just to ask about their day. Smyth says knowing their highs and lows is a good starting point.

Lisa Hjelmstad is a member:
Man who harassed women for three decades sent to prison
Billings Gazette (MT)
Robert Page, the psychologist who evaluated Ernst and has served as president of the Montana Sexual Offender Treatment Association, said that Ernst’s behaviors stem from a deeply rooted need for external validation that overrides considerations of the impact of his behavior on others. Ernst suffers from chronic depression and anxiety problems, he said. That’s resulted in Ernst being effectively addicted to internet use and an inability to control impulses. Ernst had begun seeing a private counselor on his own, said Lisa Hjelmstad, who was called as a witness by Strong. She evaluated several treatment options for Ernst. “This is lifelong. I would expect him to be in counseling forever,” Hjelmstad said. She did believe that he had the capacity to improve. “I believe that there was a time when this behavior was discontinued,” she said.

Kara Golden is a member:
Psychologists, Social Workers Offer Support to Tunkhannock Community
At Thursday night’s vigil, hundreds of people honored and remembered the lives of Terry Sterling, Victoria Brong and Brian Hayes, who were killed during a shooting inside the Weis Markets on Route 29 near Tunkhannock. Licensed clinical social worker Kara Golden was in the crowd, one of several specialists there to support those dealing with all the pain and suffering caused by one man. Golden has an office in Tunkhannock, and she suggests everyone keep an eye out in the community, and reach out to those who might be going through a tough time as a way to look for those suicidal thoughts. “What you’re going to be looking for is mood changes, depression, increased anxiety, confusion, irritability, illogical thinking, any sort of strange behavior or strange thoughts,” she explained.

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