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News Items – June 1, 2016

Peter Jacob is a member:
Jacob pursuing American dream straight to Congress
Daily Record (Union, NJ)
Emigrating from India to the United States in 1986, the parents of Peter Jacob sought a new life and new opportunities for their children. Thirty years later, they own and operate a thriving business and their son is running for Congress as the presumptive Democratic candidate opposing incumbent Republican Leonard Lance in the 7th District, covering portions of five counties including 11 municipalities in Morris County. “When they arrived, they had three things with them,” said Jacob, 30, a resident of Union. “Just $20 in their pockets, hearts full of hope and me in their arms.” A social worker by profession but currently campaigning full-time, Jacob is fighting an uphill battle, championing progressive causes in a GOP-heavy district. But like his parents, he’s not afraid to take a risk in the hopes of creating a better future for others.

Karen Mason Riss is a member:
How To Deal With Feeling Lonely & 9 Things To Do That Can Help
According to Forbes, licensed clinical social worker Karen Mason Riss said, “Often times people say they are lonely because they don’t have a spouse or they don’t have a social network, but really they feel disconnected. They don’t feel a part of something.” Rather than sulking in your own misery, find something that you can connect to that will allow you to embrace your sadness. “I would allow myself to get guided to a movie or book that might speak to me. I let my inner self lead me,” Riss said.

Dawn Schatz, the writer, is a member:
EMOTIONAL WELLNESS: How your ‘Man Card’ could be hurting your health
Middletown Transcript (DE)
Damaging messages create a reluctance for men to admit when they are struggling and directly stand in the way of their willingness to seek help, trying instead to hide their emotions or numb them through substances or other destructive behaviors.

Irene Kepler is a member:
Forum: Rape culture at center of South Fort Myers High sex incident
Fort Myers News-Press (FL)
Because the girl is a 15-year-old, she could not legally consent to sex, said Irene Kepler. Kepler is a licensed clinical social worker at Barry University’s Ellen Whiteside McDonnell School of Social Work. She was present at the church meeting. “What’s disturbing on so many levels, too, is it happened on school property,” Kepler said. “The fact that I don’t see other than tonight the reality of what’s been done to this woman in the media is troubling.” The headlines, Kepler said, have shamed the girl instead of asking whether she was a victim.

[Note: this definition was corrected due to input from NASW-MA and Greg Wright]
What men can gain from therapy
Harvard Health Publications
Licensed Social Worker/Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. These mental health professionals assess and treat people living with mental illness and substance abuse issues. By providing group therapy, outreach, crisis intervention programs, and social rehabilitation, social workers help to ease clients back into their communities and daily lives. Clinical social workers provide care through numerous avenues, including hospitals, family service agencies and organizations like the U.S. Veteran’s Administration.

Michelle Weiner-Davis is a member:
Marriage Matters: Get out and create some fun
Sturgis Journal
Marriage therapist and author Michelle Weiner-Davis points out that when we are dating, when everything seems spontaneous, we are actually very purposeful about having a good time. We develop a schedule, we determine where to eat, what to do next, and what to wear… it is all quite planned. The net result? A fun night out.

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