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News Items – July 19, 2017



The journal Social Work Research is published by NASW Press:
Charles E. Lewis Jr., Ph.D: Social Workers as Public Intellectuals
Social Justice Solutions
In a 2010 issue of Social Work Research (vol.34, no.3), Matthew O. Howard documented the absence of social work public intellectuals and lamented that no social workers were included in the 2008 listing of the top 100 public intellectuals by the periodicals Foreign Policy and The Prospect. The list included four psychologists, four biologists, and representatives of other professional groups, but no social workers. Today, perhaps social worker Jared Bernstein makes that list, however more for his experience as a White House economist than his reputation for being a social worker.

Hope Payson and Colette Anderson are members:
Advocates say ‘perfect storm’ of possible cuts threatens mental health care
CT Mirror
Proposed reductions to Medicaid, coupled with state budget cuts under consideration, concern mental health advocates. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s current budget proposal would cut $50 million from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in the coming year. Those cuts would come on top of others in previous years. And because the state has not yet adopted a budget for the fiscal year that started July 1, advocates say many programs can continue for only about six to 12 weeks. “For those of us who care about mental health, this is the perfect storm,” said state Rep. Sean Scanlon, a Democrat who represents Guilford and Branford, and who has been an advocate for mental health care.

MC Jenni is a member:
Missoula Prosecutors Recognized For Fighting ‘Secondary Trauma’
Montana Public Radio
The county attorney’s trauma program was adapted from one Laue created for Saint Patrick Hospital’s First Step program in Missoula, which helps families affected by abuse. First Step’s MC Jenni is a licensed clinical social worker who loves her work, but who also is familiar with symptoms of secondary trauma. “How it shows up in me is criticism coming out, defensiveness with my own family, with my partners, with friends” Jenni says, “competitiveness, I have to conquer something if I can’t conquer something at work. That’s when I start spiraling into that dark place.”

Laura Lander is a member:
WVU study aims to understand treatment response for opioid users
The Register-Herald
A new study at West Virginia University is trying to discover why up to 20 percent of people with opioid use disorder may not respond to standard treatment.… Along with Galvez Peralta and Berry, this study leverages the work and expertise of Mark Sarlo, M.S., Vincent Setola, Ph.D., Carl “Rolly” Sullivan, M.D., Laura Lander, MSW, LICSW, the physicians and therapists at the COAT program, Stephan Brooks, MPH, and several PharmD students.

Heather Berry is a member:
‘An invisible crisis': Toxic stress is helping to shorten life spans in many Kern County communities
People who live in Oildale, Kern River Valley and Taft — three impoverished, majority-white communities — have the highest premature death rates across Kern County, dying four to 17 years sooner than those in other parts of Bakersfield. Residents in those three communities have an average life expectancy of between 68 and 72 years old — roughly eight to 10 years less than the national average, according to data analyzed by the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center for Human Needs. It’s on par with life expectancies in less-developed countries like Iraq, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The culprit, health professionals say? Drugs and poverty.… “You cannot overlook that most of, if not many, of those deaths are overdoses,” Heather Berry, a licensed clinical social worker in Wofford Heights, said when presented the premature death data. “It’s death by opiates.”

LeslieBeth Wish is a member:
4 Things You’ll Feel When The Person You Want To Be With Isn’t The Person You’re Dating
Elite Daily
Everyone’s mind wanders from time to time, but when does it become emotional cheating? Award-winning psychotherapist Dr. LeslieBeth Wish says that the major red flags suggesting you would rather be with someone else are if you think about them before bed, check their social media, or if “you have to stop yourself from contacting this person — or try to find out about the person through mutual acquaintances.”

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