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News Items – July 16, 2019

Fifth Circuit tells Texas to fix foster care system, removes other requirements
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals says Texas will have to follow through with some fixes to its foster care system, but it also removed other requirements previously set by a federal district judge. The lawsuit over Texas’ foster care system has spanned several years and has drawn attention to stories of abuse, neglect and mounting caseload sizes. “Everybody admitted there was a problem,” Will Francis, government relations director with the Texas Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, said. “[The Department of Family and Protective Services] knew there was a problem, kids in care knew there was a problem and yet the state sort of dug in their heels and said we don’t want a federal judge telling us what to do.”

David Klugman is a member:
New Mental Health News Radio Network Series ‘The Feeling Life’ Explores Life Beyond Our Addiction to Acquisition
The Chestnut Post
​​Mental Health News Radio Network is proud to announce its new series “The Feeling Life,” now available as part of the Mental Health News Radio podcast. “The Feeling Life” is hosted by author, clinical social worker and psychoanalyst David Klugman. The series brings guidance and information from Klugman’s book of the same name to a new audience.

Connecticut Legislature Places Restrictions on the Use of the Title “Social Worker”
National Law Review
On July 9, 2019, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed into law Public Act No. 19-164 “An Act Concerning Social Workers,” (PA 19-164) which sets forth new restrictions on individuals seeking to hold themselves out as social workers in the State. This law takes effect October 1, 2019. Specifically, PA 19-164 prohibits anyone from using the title “social worker,” or any associated initials, or advertising services as a social worker unless he or she (1) has a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE); (2) has a doctorate in social work; or (3) if educated outside of the U.S. or its territories, has completed an education program CSWE deems equivalent.

Maryland Considers Letting Licensed Social Workers Use Telehealth
Maryland state officials are considering allowing social workers to use telehealth to deliver social work services. The state’s Department of Health unveiled a Notice of Proposed Action in June that would enable a licensed certified social worker-clinical (LCSW-C) or licensed masters social worker (LMSW) under the supervision of an LCSW-C to “provide behavioral health services using teletherapy.” Teletherapy is defined in the proposal as “the use of interactive audio, video or other telecommunications or electronic media by a licensed social worker to deliver social work services.”

Lisa Rindner is a member:
‘Well, that was a weird moment': Unusual acts by loved one may signal dementia
“It’s one thing to find your glasses on your head – it is something else to find them in the freezer,” said Lisa Rindner, a social worker at Iona Senior Services in Washington who works with families navigating the challenges of aging, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Rindner advises families to seek advice even if their concerns are not extreme. “I am so grateful when people come for a consultation, and it’s not a crisis point,” Rindner said. “Educate yourself and explore options before you need them so that when you do need help, you are not frazzled. We make better choices when not in a crisis.”

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