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News Items – January 30, 2019

Amy Sheppard & Adrienne Sauer are members:
Alumna Prepares Tomorrow’s Social Workers Inside and Outside the Classroom
Seton Hall University
Amy Sheppard ’91 is a licensed clinical social worker and has worked at NewBridge Jobs Plus since 1996; permanently adopting the role of Program Director in 2012. Having accepted student interns from other colleges and universities for many years, Amy reached out to her alma mater, Seton Hall, in 2015 in an effort to connect with their social work program and build a field placement relationship. Since 2015, Amy has instructed six SHU social work students coming from both the Bachelor in Social Work (B.S.W.) and Masters in Social Work (M.S.W.) programs; including two students this year. In the spring semester (2019), Amy became a part-time faculty for the B.S.W. program.

Kyra Becker is a member:
What the Family Dog Can Teach You About Parenting
The Two River Times
For those about to embark on parenthood, there have been many studies that show owning a pet is a good way to prepare for future parental duties. Kyra A. Becker, LCSW, BCD, clinical supervisor/assistant director of NJ Center for the Healing Arts on Broad Street in Red Bank said, “I have found that getting an animal like a pet dog is what a couple may do to support emerging parental instincts between them. A pet provides an intra-familial avenue to observe each other’s parenting abilities. Additionally, getting a dog is a precursor to settling into another stage of life that includes responsibility to another being.”

Cindy Perlin is a member:
Cindy Perlin: “Opiophobia” is not a real thing
National Pain Report
It is not illogical or inexplicable for patients, physicians and policy makers to have concerns about a class of drugs that is killing over 100 Americans a day and addicting so many more. While we may disagree about the causes or the policy response, use of opioids can be life disrupting or deadly for some users. So, fear of using opioids is not a phobia because it is not exaggerated, inexplicable or illogical.

Sam Hickman is executive director of NASW-WV:
Foster care managed care bill passes committee
The Register-Herald
Sam Hickman, CEO of the National Association of Social Workers West Virginia chapter, noted that, “When a child is removed from the home, we should acknowledge that we all failed that child. “What if we had the family education, prevention, and family preservation services in place — not to mention a state earned income tax credit — to keep that original failure from occurring?” he asked.

Patti Sabla is a member:
Should You Text Someone After They Ghosted You? Here’s What Experts Say Is The Best Move
Elite Daily
When someone just up and disappears, it can be really tempting to reach out. Even if it’s just to get an answer as to why they’ve stopped talking to you and to get some closure. But the experts agree: You shouldn’t bother texting a ghost. “They have sent a message by not having the decency to let you know they were not interested. There is no need to text them. What would you be texting them about, to confirm they are not interested in you? I think ghosting you in the first place sent that message,” Patti Sabla, a licensed clinical social worker, tells Elite Daily. “We teach people how to treat us. Accepting this behavior only allows the person to think that we condone this treatment,” she adds.

Pamela Boaz is a member:
Mental health support offered to furloughed government workers
Broomfield Enterprise (CO)
A Broomfield mental health provider is offering free group sessions to support people affected by the government shutdown. Pamela Boaz, a licensed clinical social worker at Forward Family Therapy, said the sessions will be held from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays, starting Jan. 22, at 2095 W. 6th Ave. Suite #212. “It’s open to whoever needs or wants it,” Boaz said. “We know people in the community are experiencing higher levels of stress.”

Melissa Fisher Goldman is a member:
9 Ways Therapists Personally Deal With Grief
While there’s no right way to grieve, there are a number of strategies that can help you get through loss. When you think of grief, the first thing that comes to mind is likely mourning the death of a loved one. But grief can surface around any major life transition, like ending a relationship, dealing with an illness, or even losing a job. As Melissa Fisher Goldman, a licensed clinical social worker and member of the Association of Death Education and Counseling puts it, “we don’t get over grief; we get through it.”

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