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News Items – January 17, 2018

Steven Button ©Lewiston Tribune

Steven Button
©Lewiston Tribune

Steven Button is a member:
Nez Perce County overdose deaths on the rise
Lewiston Tribune (ID)
SPAN Region 2 co-chair Steve Button said on average suicides, especially from drug overdoses, are underrepresented by about 20 percent. Button said inconclusive results in death investigations can lead to some suicides being declared accidental overdoses. “It tends to be hard for families to accept suicide instead of an accident due to the intentionality of it,” Button said. The grim tally of deaths in the county and region have encouraged Button to push for increased access to mental health treatment and to double down on promoting annual walks and awareness events SPAN hosts in the area. Every fall and April, SPAN supports awareness campaigns, especially in the schools where Button is a social worker for the Lewiston School District.

Mark Smith is a member:
2018 Session Opening Day Remarks House Democratic Leader Mark Smith
Iowa Labor News
“Thank you, Madam Speaker and good morning members of the Iowa House of Representatives.… House Democrats believe it’s time for the Legislature to work together and get back to the basics.  That means focusing our efforts on good jobs and boosting our skilled workforce.  It means renewing our commitment to public schools.  And it means working together to make health care both more affordable and accessible. It’s our job here to make life better for Iowans and their families, not make it more difficult.”

More Mark Smith:
[Video] The Iowa Forums: Statehouse 2018
Political Director Dave Price was joined on Wednesday by Republican Senate President Jack Whitver, Republican House Majority Whip Zach Nunn, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Janet Peterson and Democratic House Minority Leader Mark Smith to look ahead at what can be accomplished in 2018.

Jessica Holton is a member:
Holton named ECU leadership award recipient
Jessica Holton, MSW, LCSW, LCAS has been named an East Carolina University’s 2018 40 Under 40 Leadership Award Recipient. This award was created to recognize emerging leaders that received their start at ECU, as well as those who have used their ECU experiences to make significant impacts in their respective professions, local communities, and on the world.



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