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News Items – February 6, 2019

Bruce Buchanan is a member:
Editorial: Iowa needs much more than a few additional psychiatrists to address mental health crisis
Des Moines Register
“If we see people bleeding, we send every available paramedic, ambulance and physician. When people are emotionally bleeding, they tend to get ignored or discounted.” This observation by Bruce Buchanan, president and CEO of Compass Clinical Associates in Des Moines, resonates with anyone who has struggled with mental illness or tried to find help for a family member who is struggling.

Melanie Shapiro is a member:
Can People In Arranged Marriages Really Fall In Love? Experts Weigh In
Elite Daily
People in many countries — including India, Pakistan, China, and Japan — still adhere to the tradition of arranged marriages, and as studies have shown, many of those marriages seem to last. Still, the question remains as to whether those couples eventually fall in love after saying “I do.” Today, many of us have gotten so used to the idea that first comes love, then comes marriage. But can it ever be the other way around? According to licensed clinical social worker Melanie Shapiro, it can indeed work the other way.

Stacie Goldstein is a member:
Minivan Musings: Are childhood sleepovers necessary?
“Parents know their kids better than anybody, and if a sleepover is something that a parent feels uncomfortable with and doesn’t think is necessary, then you have a right to say it’s a situation that’s not good for our family,” said Stacie Goldstein, a licensed clinical social worker, who works with many children and teens at her Rivervale practice. “That being said, if you have a child who’s socially active and likes to be in new situations, and a family that you’re comfortable having a sleepover with, I see no reason not to.”

Lynn Zakeri is a member:
10 Things People Get Wrong About Living With Depression
“Depression is not a now/later or here/gone thing,” said Lynn R. Zakeri, a licensed clinical social worker based in Illinois. In fact, she added that “people often say that because they experienced it, they feel much more at risk of returning to that and even feel it is a faster route right back down to the bottom since it is now a familiar route.”

Pamela Boaz is a member:
Event for furloughed workers still planned
Broomfield News
Pamela Boaz, a licensed clinical social worker at Forward Family Therapy, said free group therapy sessions will be held as long as furloughed workers need them. The sessions are from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays at 2095 W. 6th Ave. Suite #212. She and Cameron James, also a licensed clinical social worker, will conduct the therapy sessions.


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