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News Items – February 27, 2012

Graduate degrees: Are they worth it?
The Washington Post
In some professions, such as teaching, social work or psychology, master’s degrees are becoming mandatory. The salary boost may not be high (the median salary for social workers with advanced degrees in 2009 was $55,000 compared with $40,000 for a B.A. only, according to the National Association of Social Workers), but master’s degrees are necessary to advance or get licensed.

Longtime NIMH Grantee Receives Award
NIH Record
Longtime NIMH grantee Dr. Enola K. Proctor of Washington University recently received the Knee/Wittman Lifetime Achievement Award in Health and Mental Health Practice from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Foundation.

LRC’s Capitol Notes: Social worker licensing bill clears House committee
“The problem is, when somebody makes a mistake—when they have falsified documents or lied in court—we don’t know if that’s a licensed social worker, a degreed social worker, or somebody who really isn’ta social worker,” Westrom said.

4 simple steps top fulfilling your life’s passions
CultureMap Austin
Gail McMeekin, LICSW, a licensed psychotherapist and national executive, career and creativity coach suggests that you ask yourself which ‘incompletes’ in your life bother you.

Fort Campbell’s Army Community Services Celebrates National Social Work Month
Clarksville Online
Fort Campbell, KY – The primary mission of social work is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic needs of all people. Join Army Community Services’ Family Advocacy Program (FAP) as they celebrate National Social Work Month.

Ways to help battle shopping addiction
Chicago Tribune
In some cases, compulsive shopping overlaps with compulsive hoarding, in which people accumulate so much stuff that it interferes with their lives and living spaces, says Gail Steketee, professor at the Boston University School of Social Work and co-author of “Buried in Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding.” Therapy often helps.

Mitt Romney and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Are Wrong, Americans Care
Here’s a small sampling of the many organizations directly or indirectly serving the very poor in America: Advancement Project, Appleseed, Center for Community Change, Children’s Defense Fund, National Associations of Community Health Centers, National Association of Social Workers.

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