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News Items – February 17, 2016

ThinkstockPhotos-469734719Roberto Hess is a member:
Heroin overdose: ‘Not strong enough to get clean’
Asheville Citizen-Times (NC)
Roberto Hess, an emergency clinician and substance abuse counselor and social worker in Asheville, said he thinks the area needs a “one stop” center for adolescents that would treat them from crisis through discharge. He called the lack of treatment options “sobering.” “If we can intervene at the adolescent or young adult need, we could hopefully keep any sort of addiction at bay,” he said.

Kevin Caridad is chair of NASW-PA South West Division:
Refugees can help rebuild Pittsburgh, Peduto tells summit guests
The Pittsburgh Tribune
Critics have called Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto a traitor and worse for his stance on wanting to resettle Syrian refugees in the city, but the mayor remains steadfast in his commitment to provide homes to 500 refugees yearly as long as service providers can handle that number.… Kevin Caridad, chair of the Pennsylvania National Association of Social Workers South West Division, said the group hosted the “Syrian Summit” to present accurate information about the refugee crisis.

WV Food Banks Fear Cuts to SNAP and TANF
Public News Service
According to the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy, more than four out of five households receiving SNAP benefits in any given month have incomes below half the federal poverty line. Sean O’Leary, senior policy analyst with the center, says the folks on SNAP and TANF are generally the poorest of the poor.

College athletes struggle with eating disorders
“In the college age population eating disorders are very prevalent and they certainly go across all barriers, both socioeconomic with gender with race with different cultures,” Carissa Uschold, a licensed clinical social worker and the eating disorder team coordinator at the University at Buffalo said. And experts say some sports put participants at risk more than others.… Uschold says there are signs of eating disorders. “There might be some weight gain there might be some weight loss,” she said. “There might be some fear or preoccupation surrounding food. So if they are looking kind of tired and warn out it’s really important to ask what’s going on.”

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