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News Items – December 3, 2019

news items logo oneLana Ka’opua, Lilinoe Kauahikaua, and Iotana Tua are members:
Answering your kāhea in the midst of controversy: Social workers of UH Mānoa create a space for the community to discuss Mauna Wakea and Native Hawaiian rights
Manoa Now
Kauahikaua shared that, “This arose out of a frustration that our voices were not being heard; that we did not have the backing of UH or other social workers of Hawai‘i.” It was through their defiance of complicity that the Hawaii chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) released a statement in regards to Mauna Kea. In their statement, they said “The NASW policy statement on “Sovereignty and the Health of Indigenous Peoples” (2009) recognizes that spiritual, physical, social, and emotional health diminishes with infringement of Indigenous rights. Further, the NASW Code of Ethics (2017) upholds the cardinal principle of social justice for all. At a global level.”

Nancy Kislin is a member:
[Video] School Lockdown Drills Can Traumatize Children NJ Therapist Tells Steve Adubato
TAP Into Chatham
On Thanksgiving Eve, an emergency lockdown was conducted at Montclair High School due to reports of a student with a gun. Officials determined that there was no credible threat and no weapon was found. This excerpt from One-on-One with Steve Adubato addresses school lockdown drills, their social and emotional impact on students, and what parents need to know about these increasingly frequent security measures. Nancy Kislin, LCSW, author of Lockdown: Talking to Your Kids About School Violence, sat down with PBS Host Steve Adubato to discuss the ramifications of school lockdown drills.

Utah Just Took a Major Step Toward Banning Conversion Therapy
Out Magazine
Attempts to pass an outright ban floundered in the legislature this year, so Utah Governor Gary Herbert, a Republican, ordered regulators to investigate a ban that would not require politicians to act. The licensing requirement was reportedly authored by a coalition of mental health groups, including the Utah Psychological Association and the National Association of Social Workers in Utah.

Linda Szmulewitz is a member:
‘There was no judgment. It was like she was hugging me through the phone.’ Where new moms can find the support they need in the Chicago area
Chicago Tribune
“Just being able to admit that it’s easier to go to work than being a parent can make a huge difference,” says Linda Szmulewitz, a licensed clinical social worker and facilitator of The Chicago New Moms Group who runs fee-based group sessions for new and second-time moms. “It doesn’t mean you are going to do things differently or don’t love your children, but being able to share that and feel like other people feel the same way gives so much relief.”

Zander Keig is a member:
Rebranding Men’s Mental Health: The Trojan Horse, A Bathroom Poster And Embracing The ‘Ands’
In an increasingly diverse world, it’s important to understand the unique experiences of mental health within the male population. We spoke with Zander Keig, a trans, Mexican-American veteran and licensed clinical social worker, to get his insights as a mental health care provider at the intersection of multiple identities. Keig shared that when one of his colleagues—another trans man—sought care, he was told by his therapist —who was female—to “man up.” Despite growing up female, his colleague’s transition was still met with common stereotypes faced by men.

Colie Taico is a member:
Ariana Grande Asks if Fans Are OK After “Thank U, Next” Moves Up on Charts Amid Breakup Season: The Answer Is No
So whether you’re the turkey dropper or the turkey dropee, listening to an album like Thank U, Next might be your ticket to getting over your breakup and having a happy holiday season. (We also have a whole playlist of breakup songs if you need more than just one album to get you through — no shame.) In the (totally understandable) case that music won’t do the trick, Colie Taico, a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist notes, previously told Teen Vogue that the best way to get over a breakup is to settle in and feel all the feelings.

Nancy Lim-Yee is a member:
San Francisco Organization Serving Chinese Individuals with Disabilities Celebrates 30 Years of Service
Digital Journal
As the result of three very important one-year projects spear-headed by Dr. Sam Chan, a clinical psychologist at UCLA, focusing on the education and training of parents of children with disabilities, a small group of committed parents began meeting on a regular basis to discuss the unique needs of Chinese parents and to find ways to address these needs. After much discussion and a great deal of hard work, particularly on the part of Mr. James Ng, the Association’s first Board Chairperson, the Association for Chinese Families of the Disabled became incorporated as a nonprofit in July 1989 with the help of co-founder, Ms. Nancy Lim-Yee, a licensed clinical social worker.

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