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News Items – August 9, 2010

Gay marriage supporters ‘Stand on the Side of Love’
Sioux City Journal
Myke Sehla, spoke as a member of the Iowa Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. He called marriage a civil rights issue, not a religious one. He said he and his spouse were married in October. Now he has the right to visit him in the hospital, to keep their home if he dies, and could even refuse to incriminate him, if that ever came up.

Foster Kids Gain From Mentoring, Relationship Skills
They studied 156 children, aged 9 to 11, in the Denver area who were maltreated and placed in foster care. The children were randomly assigned to either a control group (77 children) who received usual care or to a nine-month Fostering Healthy Futures intervention group (79 children) who received skills development and one-on-one mentoring by graduate students in social work.

A healthful staycation: One week to a stronger you
Washington Post
Before the week begins, you’ll want to hammer out your itinerary, says Lisa Himmelfarb, a Washington-based social worker who specializes in weight management.

County Program Offers Women Addiction Therapy, Treatment
University of Texas — San Antonio School of Social Work students assist in a program helping latina women fight against heroin addictions.

Deportation fears plague locals
Colorado Springs Independent
In past years, Sandra Hernandez, executive director of the Colorado Springs nonprofit Centro de la Familia and a licensed clinical social worker, spent her days helping Hispanic and immigrant families with run-of-the-mill issues: parenting skills, marital problems, children struggling in school.

College financial lesson: The eight lowest-paying majors
New York Daily News
Social work. The median starting pay is $31800 per year and the median mid-career pay is $44900. The job, which involves dealing with homelessness, drug abuse, and poverty, can be draining — both emotionally and financially.

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