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News Items – August 6, 2012

Transplant social worker hearts her job
San Francisco Chronicle
Transplant social worker hearts her job. Transplant social worker has helped more than 1000 families – from basic needs, hope and comfort to the occasional birthday or graduation ceremony – in her three decades at Stanford hospitals.

In Memoriam: Annette Cardona
CSUN College of Humanities Newsletter
To the classroom she brought her experience in performing arts as well as her training as a mental health clinician, having returned to school following her decades-long career in theater, TV, and film to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology and theater at Antioch University Los Angeles and a master’s in social work at New York University.

‘Why govt needs social workers in decision making, trauma care’
The Guardian Nigeria
While calling for passage of the bill that recognises social work, the practitioners also advocated for the formation of Social Workers’ Relief Bands across the 36 states to effectively respond to trauma in crises and natural disasters. The professional group, at a roundtable in Lagos, said that the call was important in the light of social unrests and attendant traumatic experiences that Nigerians were at their mercy.

Therapy at Roseburg VA helps veterans suffering from PTSD
Licensed clinical social worker Kathryn Dailey works with Ernie Hayes of Roseburg during a cognitive processing therapy session at the Roseburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center July 13.

Social worker recognized for service on abuse case
The Herald-Mail
The headlines lately have been filled with news of the work of Washington County social workers, but you’ll rarely see their names in the news. From cases involving sexual abuse of children to physical abuse, the countless hours, months, even years investigating charges of abuse and neglect are not what make the news.

Report: Training failure may have played role in Powell boy murders
He pushed their social worker away and locked the boys inside his home. He was heard to say, “I have a surprise” moments before attacking the boys with a hatchet and setting the home on fire. Officials determined carbon monoxide poisoning as their cause of death.

Social workers faulted and praised in death of Josh Powell’s sons
Los Angeles Times
Social workers assigned to protect the two young sons of Josh Powell did not adequately explore his past or consult with law enforcement before allowing the Washington man’s supervised visits to take place in the home where he ultimately killed himself and the boys, a report released Thursday found.

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