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News Items – August 12, 2020

news items logo oneNASW-NJ is mentioned:
In support of Black Lives Matter: A call for action on police reform | Opinion
The National Association of Social Workers, New Jersey chapter, recently held two days of police reform action. These are actions we can all take at the local, state and national level. We support the NASW’s initiative to reach out to mayors, councilpersons, police chiefs and sheriffs to ask them about the guidelines for and the consequence of the use of lethal force by officers; civilian oversight of the police; use of body cameras by police; and whether they employ non-police personnel to deal with non-criminal activity such as domestic violence.

Kristin Buller is a member:
The Problem of Loving Pets With Behavior Issues
Psychology Today
In a recent article in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Kristin Buller, a clinical social worker, and Dr. Kelly Ballantyne, a veterinary behaviorist, reported the results of a qualitative study on the stresses that come with dealing with pets with behavior problems. Their findings shed light on this important aspect of the relationship between humans and companion animals.

Kevin Polky is a member:
Tips For Managing Back-To-School Stress During Pandemic
Kevin Polky, the executive director of KP Counseling, is a clinical social worker who always is generous with his time and allows us to ask what everyone else is questioning – how do we get through this without losing our minds. The answer involves communication with each other and our kids, most importantly, listening. As far as the potential stress related to wearing face masks, Kevin suggests trying different kinds of masks until your child(ren) learns which she or he likes best.

Virtual Social Worker Program Returns to East Brunswick Library
Thanks in part to a generous grant from the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, the East Brunswick Public Library (2 Jean Walling Civic Center Drive) offers library customers the ability to speak with a health literacy social worker. “Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital is aware that people throughout the county are struggling. This is a grant to serve all residents of Middlesex County. Many people have lost businesses and jobs caused by the pandemic. The social worker will help guide people to places for comfort, assistance, resources for help and skills building so that they can recover emotionally and financially.” said Karen Parry, the library’s Information Services Manager.

James Rodriguez is a member:
What Really Happens to Your Body When You Hold Back Tears
Whether it’s a sweet veteran-returns-home-to-elated-dog video or a bad fight with your partner, all sorts of everyday events can trigger the urge to cry, says James Rodriguez, PhD, LCSW, director of trauma-informed services at the NYU McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research. The event that triggers the urge to cry doesn’t have to be a negative experience, Rodriguez says — people cry out of joy as well as anxiety, sadness and grief. In any case, crying can occur when our brain activates our body’s stress response.

Maurya Glaude is a member:
[Video] Americans skip more outpatient procedures and health screenings, doctor says
But Dr. Ziedan found something else. Mental health doctor visits didn’t decrease as much and rebounded fast. Tulane social worker Dr. Maurya Glaude said the need is tremendous, and thanks to telemedicine treatments from home, people are getting help. “Lots of parents are asking for help with coping, because there’s this new expectation to teach from home, to work from home, to manage all of the expectations while maintaining one’s mental health,” said Dr. Maurya W. Glaude, Tulane School of Social Work Director of Field Education, a professor of the practice, researcher, and licensed clinical social worker.

Anya Surnitsky is a member:
3 Ways To Stop Being So Defensive & Heal The Harsh Inner Critic That Makes You Lash Out
What is your inner critic, exactly, and why are you so defensive when it is triggered? According to Anya Surnitsky, a clinical social workeryour inner critic serves as a sort of “stern voice” in your own mind. “The inner critic’s purpose is to keep us safe. When something went wrong in your childhood, it planted seeds in your inner critic’s mind that doing that wasn’t safe. It created conditions where you learned what was safe and what was too risky,” she writes.

RTD director proposes replacing armed security guards with social workers
The Denver Post
The proposal, if approved, also would kick off a two-year working group to evaluate RTD’s approach to security and recommend alternatives. Depending on that guidance, it would direct RTD leaders to use the estimated $27 million spent each year on outside security for “the expansion of mental, behavioral, and social supports, such as social workers, medical professionals, homeless outreach workers, transit ambassador/conductors, and any additional support identified, to respond to constituent interactions.”

Devon Lewis-Buchanan is a member:
Riviera Beach Native Joins Las Vegas Raiders as In-House Social Worker
Before Devon Lewis-Buchanan founded Inspire Youths, the organization that brought behavioral health education to marginalized communities in Riviera Beach, he was a linebacker for the University of Louisiana— and a Las Vegas Raiders rookie prospect. Lewis-Buchanan was hurt during the 2012 NFL rookie camp. He eventually pivoted to a career in social work and community activism for mental health awareness. After joining the Raiders staff this summer, he says life has “come full circle.”

Amalia Miralrío is a member:
27 Ways to Get Over a Breakup Because, Hi, Your Best Self Is Waiting
So to help you cope with all things breakup (since, hi, your future best self is waiting), we’ve sourced a bunch of tangible, practical ways you can actually get over someone according to experts who want to help.… Go to therapy: It’s time to make an appointment for therapy, suggests licensed clinical social worker Amalia Miralrío. Especially considering an unbiased perspective could offer you insight that you weren’t able to process yourself. Get started with some free options here.

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