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News Items – August 1, 2018

Ron Dellums

Ron Dellums

Ron Dellums, Forceful Liberal in Congress for 27 Years, Dies at 82
The New York Times
Ron Dellums, the son of a longshoreman who became one of America’s best-known black congressmen, a California Democrat with a left-wing agenda that put civil rights and programs for people ahead of weapons systems and warfare, died early Monday at his home in Washington. He was 82.… A former social worker representing Oakland and Berkeley, perhaps the nation’s most liberal congressional district, Mr. Dellums went to Washington in 1971 as a fiercely liberal — some said radical — firebrand protesting the Vietnam War.

Zander Keig is a member:
Crossing the divide
The Washington Post
Prior to my transition, I rarely considered how men experienced life or what they thought, wanted or liked about their lives. I have learned so much about the lives of men through my friendships with men, reading books and articles by and for men and through the men I serve as a licensed clinical social worker. Social work is generally considered to be “female dominated,” with women making up about 80 percent of the profession in the United States. Currently I work exclusively with clinical nurse case managers, but in my previous position, as a medical social worker working with chronically homeless military veterans — mostly male — who were grappling with substance use disorder and severe mental illness, I was one of a few men among dozens of women.

Lisa Krinsky is a member:
Bill passes requiring training in LGBT awareness for providers of aging services
Windy City Times
“It’s impossible to overstate what this is going to mean for LGBT older adults in Massachusetts,” said Lisa Krinsky, LICSW, director of the LGBT Aging Project, which is a program of Fenway Health. “LGBT people are significantly more likely to age alone without a spouse or partner or children to support them. They are more reliant on formal caregivers such as home health workers and visiting nurses or assisted living communities. They have valid fears about experiencing discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression and some even feel the need to go back into the closet.”

Michelle Freedberg is a member:
Making new friends as a parent: It’s hard, but it can be done
“Besides having a partner you can rely on, having friends is almost equally as important for moms,” said Michelle Freedberg, a licensed clinical social worker and the founder and director of the Women’s Wellness Center of Bergen County in Ho-Ho-Kus. “They’re going through it with you, and they get it,” she said, noting that they’re a support system you can turn to for help, for adult conversation when you’re home with kids all day, or just to parent with.

Lynn Zakeri is a member:
Should you cave in and give your 8-year-old a smartphone?
Chicago Tribune
As the parent of a middle schooler and a high schooler, Lynn Zakeri, a licensed clinical social worker in the Chicago area, battles the technology issue frequently. Zakeri found that her children and her clients’ children react best when they understand the basis of the rules. “Be clear to yourself with your own reasoning, and if you have clarity over your beliefs and you are in fact acting in your child’s best interest, then stay true to that,” she said.

Uma K. Zykofsky is a member:
Institutional racism can cause lifelong trauma. How experts hope to help kids in need
Sacramento Bee
Uma K. Zykofsky, the director of Sacramento County Behavioral Health Services and a licensed clinical social worker, said there needs to be many different ways to reach people and multiple entry points for services and care.

Roland Gabbert is a member:
In a divided U.S., therapists treating anxiety are hearing the same name over and over: Donald Trump
In Bardstown, Ky., clinical social worker Roland Gabbert said he’s never seen such heavily politicized chatter in his office in his 40-year career. “Both from people feeling the president is being persecuted and people just beside themselves with worry about the direction of the country.”

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