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News Items – April 9, 2012

Discovering the Gay and Grey
The Beacon-University of Portland’s student-run newspaper
The panel, which Social Work Professor Anissa Rogers invites to speak to her Human Sexuality class each semester, came from Gay and Grey, which is a program within Friendly House, a Portland social service organization. Gay and Grey’s purpose is to provide resources and educate people about the elderly LGBT population.

Number of sex offenders in your community may be overestimated
Alissa Ackerman, assistant professor of social work at UW and lead author of the study, examined the discrepancy between listed sex offenders in communities and whether or not the offender actually lives where he or she is reported.

A survivor explains the vulnerability of child sex trafficking victims
Washington Times
To make this trauma worse, my parents instructed me to lie about it when confronted by a social worker at home. My parents seemed to believe that they needed to protect our family from the social stigma associated with child sexual abuse.

San Jose’s Oak Grove High rallies around African immigrant who speaks rare
San Jose Mercury News
Thuy Tran, a social worker at Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, has desperately tried to find a Sango speaker so they can counsel Samedi — she believes he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder — and help him adjust to life here.

Barbara Mikulski Honored With Supernova
Huffington Post
Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) has received a rare honor from the depths of space. The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) named a supernova — a massive exploding star more than eight times our Sun’s mass and 7.4 billion light-years away — after the senator on Thursday.

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