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News Items – April 30, 2019

News Items – April 30, 2019

Patricia Coffey is a member:
Parish, school initiative seeks to combat youth mental illness
The Boston Pilot
The hospital brought on Patricia Coffey, a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW), to be part of the Initiative. She specializes in trauma and cognitive behavioral therapy and has experience working with youth in Boston Public Schools and the Home for Little Wanderers. “I’ve realized the impact of mental health, the stigma around mental illness in general, and how this creates barriers for youth and families to access treatment. So, when this landed for me at Franciscan Children’s, I was really excited to see that this message could be disseminated across the Archdiocese of Boston,” Coffey said April 24.

Tess Adams is a member:
Finding the Balance
The Greenwich Sentinel
[Tess Adams, LICSW, is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher. She is the Director of Counseling and the Wellness Program coordinator at Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts.] When it comes to parenting, especially adolescents, the conflicting messages and research abounds. An article in the morning paper shouts, “Your children are too stressed and overwhelmed, and anxiety is on the rise.” Yet, as you look ahead at high school and the college admissions process, it can feel irresponsible not to help your child build the best academic and extracurricular skill set possible to help them achieve their dreams. Is it possible to find a balance amidst the pressure from all sides?

Tracy K. Ross is a member:
8 Old-Fashioned Hacks For Working Through Arguments With A Partner That We Should Bring Back
Back when lovers wrote long, flowery letters to each other, they weren’t afraid to be clear about their emotions. This is one trick that modern couples could really learn from, Tracy K. Ross, LCSW, a couples therapist in NYC, tells Bustle. “Don’t be afraid to take a risk and show your vulnerability,” she says. “Telling your partner you miss them, want to spend more time with them and want to connect will defuse an argument.” Bonus points if you share your feelings in the form of a scented note.

Kathryn Smerling is a member:
The Benefits Of Unsupervised Play Will Make You Want To Back Off Your Kids’ Activities In A Big Way
“Play is a child’s work,” says Kathryn Smerling, PhD, LCSW, family therapist in New York City, in an interview with Romper. “Kids need to be able to play without an adult directing the play because that’s the way a child learns. By building a building, it tumbling down, and then rebuilding it, they’re learning to tackle failure and build resilience. It’s how a child learns how to fail, succeed, share, and negotiate.”

Resilience Project wins national recognition
FSU News
Florida State University’s Resilience Project has won a national award from the American Association of University Administrators (AAUA). The project, developed by the university’s College of Social Work, was chosen for the John L. Blackburn Award for demonstrating a creative solution to common problems in higher education.

School Counseling Bill Sparks Heated Debate On House Floor
CBS Denver
A bill to put social workers in elementary schools sparked a heated debate at the state Capitol on Thursday. The measure was discussed on the state House floor. Rep. Dafna Michaelson Jenet, the bill’s sponsor, says the earlier kids get help the better chance of preventing problems like suicide. Her son tried to commit suicide at 9 years old. “He could have gotten help in kindergarten or first grade and that would have changed the story,” said Michaelson Jenet, a Democrat representing Adams County.

[Video] Abra Kelson Explains How Social Workers Help Patients Overcome Challenges
The standard treatment isn’t always right for everyone, and part of a social worker’s job as a member of the care team is to understand the patient’s goals and what treatment is the right fit for them, said Abra Kelson, MSW, LSWA-IC, medical social work supervisor, Northwest Medical Specialties.

Mary Solis is a member:
Dos Pueblos Grad Zane Stull Shares Story of Gratitude at Cecilia Fund’s Annual Tea
NoozHawk (Santa Barbara, CA)
Mary Solis, a social worker at the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center and longtime partner with The Cecilia Fund, was honored for her decades of service to cancer patients and the community. Solis started at the center in 1984 as a licensed clinical social worker.

Nancy Kriseman is a member:
Navigating the Sensitive Senior Maze
Atlanta Jewish Times
Geriatric consultant Nancy Kriseman has worked in the aging field for 35 years as a geriatric clinical social worker. A licensed clinical social worker, she started her first job at the William Breman Jewish Home, where ironically, her mother ended up. She currently has a private practice focused on supporting and consulting  for families caring for elders, and helping navigate the elder care maze. Additionally, it can be emotional to confront parents whom we love and respect and to help them decide they have to move, stop driving, or accept live-in help.

Layne Pavey is a member:
Then & Now: She’s making lemonade out of lemons
Lewiston Morning Tribune
Luckily, Pavey’s story doesn’t end there. She did the time, launched a grassroots movement to help other felons, earned a master’s degree and became a clinical social worker. Now she’s making lemonade, so to speak, instead of more mistakes.

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