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News Items – March 1, 2012

Study: Girls and Boys Who Act Like the Opposite Sex at Risk of Abuse
Public News Service
Maxine Thome, who heads the National Association of Social Workers in [Michigan], counsels young people who are gay, lesbian and transgender. “I can tell you that the internal struggle for people clearly indicates that it is not a choice and that’s why so many people struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, suicidal ideation.”

Showing the world the power of women’s voices
Washington Post
In the carpeted, curtained splendor of a National Harbor hotel ballroom, a Nigerian social worker described the life of the abused women in her village, how they work and fish and trade at the market, “but the men take all the money from them.

Tricia Bent-Goodley
Washington Post
Dr. Tricia B. Bent-Goodley is professor of social work at Howard University’s School of Social Work. Bent-Goodley’s research has focused on violence against women and girls, HIV prevention, healthy relationship education, engaging men and fatherhood.

Celebrate Social Work Month
Marshalltown Times Republican
March is Social Work Month; a time to recognize these dedicated employees found in hospitals, nursing facilities, home health, schools, mental health centers, senior and family service agencies and many other settings. Cedar Valley Hospice celebrates the many social workers who accompany and aid people through life’s difficult situations.

Neb. bill would reduce social worker caseloads
Sioux City Journal
The measure, approved on a 42-0 vote, requires the state to reduce its social worker caseloads by 25 percent per year starting in September and place case management duties squarely on the Department of Health and Human Services.

Noted social work book became clue on game show Jeopardy!
Social Workers Speak!
“Days in the Lives of Social Workers:  58 Professionals Tell ‘Real-Life’ Stories From Social Work Practice,” a book by National Association of Social Workers member Linda Grobman, was part of a clue on an episode of Jeopardy! that aired Feb. 27. “Social Studies” was a category in the Double Jeopardy! round. Alex Trebek, host of the popular, long-running game show, read this clue for the $400 question: “‘Days in the Lives of Social’ these professionals follows them as they deal with prisoners, youths and the elderly.”

Branding a Soldier With ‘Personality Disorder’
The New York Times
Though she was, by her own account, “not a strong soldier,” she received excellent job reviews at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., where she counseled prisoners. But last year, Captain Carlson, a social worker, was deployed to Afghanistan with the Colorado National Guard and everything fell apart.

Best Jobs 2012: Social Worker
US News and World Report
The job’s duties could include protecting foster children and advising foster parents, counseling single moms and dads, and facilitating adoptions. In any situation, a social worker’s chief goal is to buoy his or her cases to a healthy resolution, although the situations may range from school delinquency to child abuse and homelessness.

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Help Me Get Fit, Coach
The Wall Street Journal
Health coaches are typically nurses, dietitians, diabetes educators, social workers or pharmacists who contact health-plan members with chronic medical conditions or those at high risk of developing them.

Obituary: Irwin M. Stein
Later, he became Executive Director of Scarsdale Family Counseling Service, but then as a co-founder of Family Services of Westchester he was appointed as its first C.E.O., and continued in that post until his retirement in 1985.

N.J. DYFS to get new name and new mission, commissioner says
Department of Children and Families Commissioner Allison Blake said she is considering whether community organizations can do a better job working with low-risk families than the Division of Youth and Family Services, which she announced last week will be renamed the Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

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