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To Boost Learning, Start With Emotional Health
Education Week
By Jane Isaacs Lowe—A recent study in the Journal of School Health found that, in California, emotional health among students is steeply declining. Schools cannot—and should not—be expected to manage these issues themselves. On the other hand, they cannot afford to ignore them either.

OU professor faces child sex complaints
The professor has not been charged in Cleveland County District Court, but an investigation is continuing, police say NORMAN — A University of Oklahoma social work professor has been arrested on complaints of rape and lewd acts with a child, police said Tuesday.

Docs won’t benefit from prevention cuts
The Hill
The just-released House Republicans’ payroll tax plan aims to increase doctors’ Medicare reimbursement by dramatically cutting the Prevention and Public Health Fund by more than two-thirds. We must address the rates that Medicare pays doctors, but doing so by raiding the prevention fund is a short-sighted solution that will cost money, not save it. Quality, affordable medical care and community prevention work hand-in-hand. Congress must find another way.

Gymboree Instructor’s Death Fuels Debate
Kingstowne Patch
In the book “A Good Friend for Bad Times:  Helping Others Through Grief,” by Deborah E. Bowen, MSW and Susan L. Strickler, the authors offer these tips on how to support children through grief.

Images of hungry children stick with social worker
Kansas City Star
Gina Harrison will never forget some of the images of childhood hunger she has seen in 16 years as a school social worker. Like the two young brothers stealing snacks from a cafeteria. When she reached the boys’ father, Harrison learned he was a single parent working hard to provide enough for the family.

What a difference 3 decades makes
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
As scientists and psychologists learn more about how infants’ and children’s brains and bodies work, it’s changing what parents know about bringing up baby, and often, says Beth Minick, a social worker who teaches parenting classes at the Women’s Care Center on Webster Street in Fort Wayne.

Strategies to Stay Safe from Sexual Assault
Mission Local
Chelsea Dodgen, a clinical social worker at UCSF’s Trauma Recovery Center, says that a targeted woman may help or hurt her situation by talking on the phone, depending on the situation. On one hand, the person could report the crime to whoever is on the line, but the phone is itself a distraction that could allow a predator to sneak up on their victim. The best strategy might be to stay off the phone, but pretend to call someone if you feel threatened.

We already know the reasons for child deaths
Lexington Herald Leader
Social workers, though not all employees of the department, are graduates of accredited schools of social work and are bound by a social work code of ethics that strictly prohibits the release of client information as well as those associated with the client even after the client has died.

Once-homeless Miami man earns master’s degree
By Christina Hernandez After several arrests, drug addiction and being homeless, a Miami man has overcome the odds to graduate from Florida International University with a master’s degree in social work. Out of thousands of graduates, only one — 50-year-old Aaron Alvin Sr. — got a standing ovation at Tuesday night’s graduation ceremony in Miami.

Senators Ask Whether All Adults Should Be Required to Report Child Abuse
National Journal
Lawmakers asked Tuesday whether all adults—not just people who work closely with children—should be legally obligated to report incidents of child abuse to law-enforcement or child-welfare authorities.

Number of homeless vets down 12 percent
Florida Today
“They each have a case worker that helps them with problems that led to homelessness,” said Tony Ingram, a social worker supervisor at the Viera VA Outpatient Clinic. “It’s not just putting them in housing.” Ingram said there are 80 beds supported by the VA in Cocoa, 20 in Melbourne and 30 in Titusville to help the homeless transition into permanent housing.

UT Offering Online Training on Civil Rights Law for State Employees
Tennessee Today
KNOXVILLE—The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Social Work is piloting a new online learning management system that allows state employees to fulfill civil rights training requirements as well as other mandated courses and assessments.

It’s the thought that counts
Gothenburg Times
“The best gift of all is the gift of time,” says Tish Habe, social work director for Hilltop Estates. “It might mean reading devotions or playing the piano or simply sitting and holding someone’s hand. What older people want most is the gift of time.

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