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Talk Doesn’t Pay, So Psychiatry Turns Instead to Drug Therapy
The New York Times
Competition from psychologists and social workers — who unlike psychiatrists do not attend medical school, so they can often afford to charge less — is the reason that talk therapy is priced at a lower rate. There is no evidence that psychiatrists provide higher quality talk therapy than psychologists or social workers.

Social workers change futures
Casper Journal
Since the profession began over 100 years ago, according to the NASW, social workers have given support and tools that people need to overcome adversity, and have helped change systems so that more people can live fulfilling lives.

Students talk about the pros and cons of diversity
Ke Alakai
Counseling Services’s Leilani Auna, student counselor, MSW (master’s in social work), and LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), agreed that there are many adjustments when coming to college, especially one as diverse as our own.

Community members register discontent with clinic management
According to the letter of denial from the state, his application for a clinical social worker license was rejected after an investigation concluded that Feraco “failed to demonstrate good moral character.”

Prepared Patient: Hospice Care: What Is It Anyway
Newswise (press release)
“It simply means you meet the criteria to receive this benefit” says Kathryn Gurland, a licensed clinical social worker and cancer navigation consultant with PEG’S Group in New York City.

Counseling center introduces therapy dog
Advance Titan
Twice a week the boxer named Sherman is in the office and he, along with his trainer and owner Kim Charniak, a clinical social worker at the Counseling Center, meet with clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, grief, loss, trauma and social interaction.

Olivia Yates: National Social Work Month recognizes a giving profession
The Salinas Californian
For Kinship Center social worker Brianne Bryant, every day is an opportunity. In her office on River Road in Salinas, Bryant sees miracles happen as children who have suffered abuse, neglect or abandonment find safe, new adoptive homes.

Peru immigrant built career on helping local Hispanics
Indianapolis Business Journal
He arranged for her to come back to Indianapolis, where a dean at IUPUI encouraged her to pursue a master’s degree in social work. “I’m not a social worker,” McCammon told him. “How do you know you’re not?” he asked. “What do you know about social work in the U.S.?”

Trauma expert advises East Texans to be prepared
SFA social work students are learning from Tiner how to help trauma victims get their life back in order. “A lot of social workers deal on the individual and family level,” said Kristin Wallace, a faculty member in the SFA School of Social Work.

Amish participate in conference on Utah polygamy
Fox 13 Now – Salt Lake City
“Because they were in a more closed, maybe private, isolated community, they didn’t initially know how to deal with that — if they should speak out, what would happen if they did,” said Pat Merkley, a clinical social worker with the Safety Net Committee who hosted the Amish.

Give Your Advice: Teen Lost Interest in Everything
About – News & Issues
I strongly suggest you have him see a qualified counselor – psychologist or LCSW – now. It may even be appropriate to delay college, but get him to see the the counselor first.”

To alliviate the national debt, the House proposed plans to reduce Pell Grants …
“I want to go into social work,” she said. However, something else, besides finals are worrying her; it’s how to pay for those classes. “I get a lot of help from the institution and the government, but if that gets taken away, I’ll just have to find the money elsewhere,” she added.

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