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News Items – March 19, 2012

How to Avoid Orthorexia: Becoming Balanced in Your Healthy Eating Quest
Judith Matz, a licensed clinical social worker and co-author of “The Diet Survivor’s Handbook: 60 Lessons in Eating, Acceptance and Self-Care,” said in an email that there is a certain way of eating that can help people avoid obsessive eating behaviors. It involves really listening to your body.

Hogg Foundation supports bilingual mental health grad students at Baylor
Dallas Baptist Standard
This is in addition to Bea Florez, who continues to benefit from a previous Hogg scholarship, while completing work on her master’s degree in the Baylor School of Social Work. Castillo, a master’s candidate at the Baylor School of Social Work, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biblical theological studies and an associate of arts in cross-cultural studies from Baptist University of the Americas in San Antonio.

Jennifer Hill: Social workers do much to serve community at large
In celebration of Social Work Month, I proudly take this opportunity to cultivate a deeper public understanding of the social work profession, that is, who we are and what we do.

Social workers urge lawmakers to change retirement age changed to 60
WWLP 22News
According to the National Association of Social Workers, more than 50 percent of Massachusetts social workers have been physically assaulted and more than 75 percent have been verbally assaulted. Nearly 80 percent of social workers at the Department of Children and Families are women, so they believe the amendment would close a long-standing gender gap.

Youth council survey: Underage drinking shows decline
Wilton Bulletin
Speaking as a professional in the field, Colleen Fawcett, a licensed clinical social worker and coordinator of Wilton Youth Services, said the downward trend was “good news.” “It’s only a tiny portion of the report,” she said.

Michelle Watts – Knowledge Is Power
For the last two years, Michelle Watts has served on the UW-Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center (ADRC) Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute (WAI) Milwaukee Community Advisory Board (CAB) for the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute Registry for Alzheimer’s Prevention study (WRAP), a longitudinal research study of adult children whose parent (s) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Mental health care advocate born of adversity
When Mary Neubauer sits down with her colleagues to talk about how to redesign Milwaukee County’s mental health systems, she brings something to the conversation just as valuable as her master’s degree in social work.

Meet Dr. Luis Zayas
Zayas has been conducting a study of Latina girls, their families, and suicide. It’s groundbreaking research and has led him to say that he believes the root of the issue is the family members’ concept of sexuality, and the perceived strain on familial cohesion posed by the desire for teenage autonomy. Listen to his extended interview with Maria.

Impact of social service cuts felt at jail
Northwest Herald
For the 2010 fiscal year, there were 1298 contacts with the jail social worker. That number increased to 2591 last year. The number of inmates on the special needs list because of mental health concerns jumped from 340 to 891 in the same time period.

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