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News Items – August 16, 2017

A Teacher’s Response to Charlottesville for Social Workers in Practice with People with Disabilities
Social Work Helper
It is also important to remember, however, that our work is not just direct care work. Remember, the NASW Code of Ethics states that we must fight for social justice, as it is a core value in our profession. We need to do more than discuss these difficult topics amongst ourselves, we also need to take a stand on them. I am fond of the idea that if we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.

Jennifer Wells is a member of NASW-WV Board of Directors:
Young adults to take on state’s issues at conference
The conference is hosted by Our Children Our Future, a campaign to end childhood poverty in West Virginia. “They’re presenting on topics and issues that are close to their heart,” said Jennifer Wells, director of youth development and leadership for Our Children Our Future. “No limitations were placed on them as to what they were to present, as long as it was a concern and an issue that they wanted to work on in their school, in their community or in the state.”

Deborah Morrow is a member:
Veterans finding opioid alternatives
Muskogee Phoenix
Alberty was weaned off the drug and provided a non-opioid treatment with Neurolumen. The medical device, which is Food and Drug Administration approved, uses electrical stimulation, cold laser beams and light wavelength to reduce pain. “The electrical impulses, low level laser and low-level light stimulates the nerves to the point where they respond better to the electrical impulses,” said Deborah Morrow, a licensed clinical social worker and pain clinic coordinator at the medical center.

Kevin Polky is a member:
[Video] Fighting the Heroin Epidemic: Born Addicted
WIFR (Rockford, IL)
“There’s an increased likelihood for learning disabilities, cognitive delays, and also behavioral problems,” says KP Counseling Licensed Clinical Social Worker Kevin Polky. He says babies born addicted will need special attention in the classroom to combat those symptoms. If the parents continue using drugs, Polky says they’re not only affecting the child’s physical health, they’re also affecting their overall well-being, impacting the way they learn and build relationships with others. “The impact of heroin during the pregnancy doesn’t just impact the father and the mom, it definitely impacts the children,” says Polky. “That’s one of the biggest reasons we encourage them to be clean and sober.” Polky says these symptoms won’t last forever if children born addicted get help early, making Mayberry’s work that much more important.

Patti Sabla is a member:
#RoadRage Is All The Rage on Instagram
Patti Sabla, a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in anger management, finds that road rage often happens because we take the actions of other drivers really personally — rather than just letting it go. “We don’t get angry because that blue truck cut off my white car. Instead we get angry because that person cut me off,” said Sabla. “Once we personalize what we perceive as bad behavior aimed towards us, it isn’t hard for road rage to kick in.”

Register For In My Mind: A LGBTQ Peoples of Color Mental Health Conference
Edge Media Network
Partnering with the conference, the National Association of Social Workers, New York Chapter, will provide continuing education credits/units on qualifying presentations to mental health professionals requiring units for their licenses.

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