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Mountain lion bites social worker during home visit

Mountain lion photo courtesy of the Egret and the Bear blog.

An Ohio social worker was bitten by a caged mountain lion when she visited a Pataskala home on Monday to determine whether children should be placed there, according to this article in the Newark Advocate.

Cindy Robson, 51, who works for Licking County Job and Family Services, was visiting the home of Evelyn Shaw, who is seeking custody of her twin three-year-old nieces.

Shaw was showing Robson the home and took her in the backyard where she keeps a caged mountain lion. Shaw said the animal did not have teeth, but it bit Robson on a finger when she walked by.

Robson and Shaw went to the hospital, where Robson was treated and released.

“We’ve ran into situations with dogs and other animals you’d expect, but nothing with this type of situation before,” John Fisher, director of Licking County Job and Family Services.

According to this update police are still trying to determine whether charges should be filed  because it does not appear the owner acted illegally and the state’s exotic pet law has not gone into effect. Robson said she did not pet the animal.

“I simply ran my hand along the outside of the fence and it grabbed my left pinky finger and held on,” she said.

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