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Michigan assistance bills point fingers at the poor

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) – Michigan Chapter is against legislation introduced by Republicans that would cut spending on food assistance and other programs, this article in the Detroit News said.

One bill calls for a field-test of a drug screening program for welfare recipients while another would cut off cash aid for families whose children miss too many days of school. Yet another bill would require aid recipients who win the Michigan Lottery to reimburse the state for up to half their winnings.Maxine Thome, executive director of the NASW Michigan Chapter said these bills are unfair. For instance, poorer families may have a harder time getting children to school because they lack transportation.

“All of these bills appear to be pointing a finger at people who are poor,” she said.

Social workers champion equal treatment for all, including people who are poor or suffer from disabilities. To learn more visit the National Association of Social Workers’ Diversity and Equity website.

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