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Loving the Job, Hating the Student Loan Debt

MSNBC business writer Allison Linn interviewed the National Association of Social Workers’ Tracy Whitaker, in this article about professions that require a lot of education but do not always guarantee high pay.

Whitaker, MSW, DSW, who is director of NASW’s Center for Workforce Studies, said it is hard to say whether educational costs are keeping people from pursuing a master’s degree in social work, which is considered a stepping stone to getting better paying jobs in the profession.

“Social workers are really drawn to this kind of work, and so sometimes the work overrides some other factors,” Whitaker said.

To find out more about what it takes to enter the social work profession, visit NASW’s Website by clicking here. And to learn more about the social work labor force and salary levels visit NASW’s Center for Workforce Studies by clicking here.

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