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D.C. Council Meeting Gets Testy

Washington D.C. Council member Tommy Wells. Wells was a social worker for the D.C. foster care system.

Two Washington D.C. council members got into a heated, profanity-laced exchange more than two months ago so the body is trying to behave more politely.

But the no-cursing truce collapsed on Tuesday during a breakfast meeting, thanks to a social worker, according to this article in the Washington Examiner. During that meeting Councilman Jack Evans questioned the need for significant spending on social services.

This angered social worker and council member Tommy Wells, who shot back, “Why do you throw that (expletive) out, Jack?”

Wells went on to defend social service spending, saying as a result there are fewer children in foster care.

Before long, other council members started cursing and insulting each other, too.

“I did hear one or two people (use) a little bit of profanity, and of course I asked them to refrain from any profanity,” Council Chairman Kwame Brown said. “It’s always heated when you have a budget and you have different opinions on how to spend money when there’s no money.”

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