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Article: Woman Who Aspired to Be Social Worker Apparent Domestic Violence Victim

Wife, mother and ordained minister Kimberly Kelly, 32, was committed to providing counseling to spouses and children in military families. She was also pursuing a master’s degree in social work from the Tulane University School of Social Work in New Orleans.

Ironically, Kelly may be a victim of the domestic violence. She was shot to death in her home on base. Her husband, Maj. Detric Kelly, 37, an assistant professor of military science at Tulane and a member of the school’s Army ROTC cadre, is a suspect.

Our sympathies to the Kelly family. To read the full article on the incident, click here.

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  1. Because we are in America we have a tendancy to prejudge individuals before our legal system can convict or acquit a person so most naturally it is common to see the comments made about my cousin. However, the comments made about he suffered from PDSD and he’s a monster – ENOUGH !!! There were only a handful of people who identified that fact that he serves our country which many of these people show no emotion regarding that FACT. Everything that is being stated is speculation in which we are entitled to our freedom of speech but has anyone else thought that maybe the children of this couple are also reading these articles and blogs?? Please consider that before making harsh remarks and pray for the children who are the most affected by this tragedy

  2. The last message I heard Kimberly speak on inspired a lot of people in the church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her message was about “Fear.” We can only pray that tragedies like these will not exist but we know that evil will prevail if we allow. We must learn how to use our minds, soul, and spirit to choose a different path, the right path – only God’s Path. A path of love, understanding, and reasoning with the Faith that all things are possible through Christ and with God and Jesus as our guide. I pray for the children, all the family members, and friends of Detric and Kimberly Kelly. (RBB)

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