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Exclusive: “The Messenger” Director Wants to Talk to You!


Oren Moverman is director of the upcoming film “The Messenger,” which stars actor Woody Harrelson. The movie is about two soldiers who have the emotionally draining duty of telling families that soldiers died in action. Many social workers work with the military and the film addresses issues social workers address, including post traumatic stress disorder and grief.

Oren is taking questions from social workers about the film, which premieres Nov. 11. Please submit your questions in the response section below. We’ll pick some for Oren to answer.

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  1. Based on my proximity to military bases and installations, I’ve had some limited experience with military families on my case roster.

    Did you use as a consultant for the particular “culture” that is the military – and is often infused in military family life?

    The trailer was engaging and conveyed an emotional intensity. I am looking forward to seeing the film, but also thinking it might leave me that punched-in-the-gut-emotionally-spent feeling…so I’m inclined to wait for when it’s available for in-home (read “private”) viewing

  2. Do you feel that social workers are generally misrepresented as unskilled professionals? After directing this film, has your view of social workers’ role and impact change at all?

  3. I am the lady that has been through hell and back you talk about Post traumatic stress disorders. I have lived with this disorder for 65 years every sence I left Las Vegas and tryed to get my life back in order.I was in Vegas for 13 years back in the day.
    I would love to speak to you about my book Breaking My Silence.

    Best to you Jane

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