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NASW Communications Network Advisory Committee: Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson

Matt is a social worker and filmmaker living in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Missoula, Montana.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Matt was drawn to Big Sky Country by its natural beauty and quality of life. Matt  eventually earned his master’s degree in social work from the University of Montana in 2008.

Matt’s background is in youth engagement and youth leadership as well as non-profit management. Since completing his maste’r’s degree he has focused on developing his clinical skills as a psychotherapist, and his community organizing and policy analysis skills through child welfare reform and filmmaking.

 In 2009 Matt became the co-owner of the award-winning film production company, Porch Production “where good stories are told”. Porch has produced feature and short documentaries about homosexuality and religion in the Deep South and poverty and community health in Haiti.

Matt is producing Porch’s newest feature documentary about America’s foster care system. From Place to Place gives voice to the 30,000 kids who age out of foster care every year by spending two years in the lives of six young adults who recently aged out. Through filmmaking Matt has found a creative outlet to utilize his integrated practice training to simultaneously work towards social justice at the individual, community, and policy level. It is Matt’s belief in the power of story and reverence for life that bridges the gap between social work and filmmaking.

Biography and photo courtesy of Matt Anderson.

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  1. Dear Sir. Just a collection of some thoughts and comments that have percolated in my mind for decades or more recently. I had been an NASW member back in 1974 (I think, it has been a long time). If I remember rightley the NASW membership hasn’t changed that much sine then Why? What is NASW doing that does NOT make itself relevent?

    Does NASW have a speciality for Adult Institutions (prisons) and community corrections (pretrial, probation, parole, etc)? If not, why not? It is a very important factor in today”s society.

    Is there a speciality for military social work? If not, why not? It, too, especially with the wars and effects on military families, is vastly important.

    If there is a speciality for domestic violence (interpersoanal violence), is there a section for treatment of offenders, not just victims? If not, why not? Fewer repeat offenderes, fewer repeat victims?

    Where are the DSW programs? It would be nice to have higher practice degrees, not just research and teaching.

    These things have been a concern for me for some time. I admit, I have not when I was a member years ago, and currently, when I am a member, do not participate much if at all in NASW chapters, until lately with our chapter’s rejuvenation, I have not seen NASW as relevent through much of my practice history.


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