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2018 NASW Media Awards – Column


NASW invites you to vote for news articles, columns, magazine stories, radio segments, television news programs, and TV entertainment that you think best portrayed the social work profession in 2016.

Please read each editorial piece before choosing which you think best portrays the social work profession.


The Trans-formative Power of Social Work

Huffington Post

Rev. Peter Bauer writes about the legacy of social workers who have helped improve society and how their skills will be needed even more in our uncertain future.

 Commentary: Men and Boys are Also Victims of Abuse

Salt Lake City Tribune

Social Workers Jim Struve and Martha Jaye Reiser wrote about how recent media reports excluded the fact that men are also the victims of sexual abuse.

I’m a Therapist. Here’s the line I draw when treating men with unhealthy sexual habits


NASW member Sherry Amatenstein writes about the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment case and the challenges being a therapist working with men who are harassers.

It’s time to destigmatize chemical dependency and mental health conditions

The Telegraph (Macon, Ga.)

NASW member Shannon Terrell Gordon writes in the Macon Telegraph in Georgia about the growing opioid crisis and why there needs to be more openness about this disease so people get treatment.

I had an anxiety attack in school and a school social worker saved me. What about the students without one?


This column from Zubaida Bello talks about her gratefulness to a social worker for helping her overcome anxiety attacks and why there should be more social workers in schools and other places to help others.

 The Quiet Warriors Saving the World

The Advocate

Amanda Kerri writes about the life-changing but often unsung work social workers do in helping people who are LGBTQIA, especially in hostile, conservative places such as Oklahoma.

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